Saturday, April 09, 2011

A spoonful of sugar

I forgot to order my mum's medicines earlier in the week so had to rush to the pharmacy this morning and throw myself on the mercy of the nice lady pharmacist. She helpfully gave me an advance on Mum's prescription and said that she'd let the doctor know what she'd done.

"So there you are," she said kindly. "I've sorted out all your worries."

I found myself saying, "Well, nearly. Maybe you also could arrange for someone to buy my mum's flat? It's for sale."

Without a pause, she said."I'll be round to see about it this afternoon."

Good at dealing with all kinds of silly customers, that lady.

Mum's had five lots of people round to view the flat in the first week. Which is promising, but stressful for her.


  1. I sometimes think I'm living my life in parallel with yours :) Today I went to pick up DD's new inhalers so that her MIL can take them out to the States for her next week - always assuming customs or security don't confiscate them on the way - only to find the pharmacist was away. I did eventually manage to get them just in time to hand them over. DD has asthma which has been under control for years but which has now reacted so badly to this new life that she is in bed with pneumonia. I did say children should not be allowed to leave their mothers!
    Then I went to do a last check on their flat before the tenants move in - a very strange feeling! But without the tenants the mortgage won't get paid and then they wouldn't have a place to come back to-and you just know I'm not having that happen!
    Do have a good rest over the Easter break. How is the ankle holding up? And good luck with the sale of your mother's flat and her subsequent move. You're dealing with a lot this year but there's happy stuff in there too x

  2. I can't even bear to think about the tenants in my darling Daughter 2's lovely Edinburgh flat. Meanwhile she's hunting for a flat to rent in London.

    Children should definitely not leave their mothers.

    Ankle is pretty good, thanks.

    I think you should start a blog, Ann!

  3. We rented out MIL's flat in the end and thanks to a very good agent it's been very successful and given her a lot more income. Hope you find a purchaser soon, selling a property is such a hassle. I've been to the pharmacy three times this week and I'm now trying to get my head round all the upcoming bank holidays so we don't run out of anything (9 items for MIL and 4 for husband something's always coming up for renewal).

  4. Let's hope it's just what she's been looking for !

  5. My mother is taking care of my grandmother in her home, too. There are both blessings and stresses... I just try to be an outlet that my mom can use to blow off steam when she feels overwhelmed. Since I live six states away, I can't help in person, so...

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