Thursday, November 20, 2014

Autumn and so on

Who could grudge the squirrel a few of the birds' nuts, especially when he has to work so hard for them?

I swept up these leaves yesterday. Today it looks exactly the same.

And it's still very mild...

... so that the begonias soldier on...

... and the polyanthus think it might be spring.

Still, Christmas is coming - and in a burst of organisedness...

... I made a little skirt for our Christmas tree stand. Wait for the stand to break when we actually insert the tree, so that we have to buy a new one of different dimensions... .

I've just had a very sad email - well, a lovely email, but bearing sad news: my very first bloggy friend, who blogged under the name The Old Professor, has died at the age of 93. We've corresponded for about nine years and he was such fun. I suppose it's a good thing to die suddenly at 93 when you've been in good health and in full possession of your faculties. But though we never met - he lived in California - I shall miss him a lot. It was so kind of his daughter to write to his virtual friends.


  1. You go, squirrel! Ah yes, a tree - we don't have one any more because it is just the two of us now, and She who puts up the tree and decorate it also has to pack it all down and put it away again. So She doesn't any more. Sorry to hear about your friend, 93 is a good age.

  2. Oh how sad. I remember the Old Professor. I "met" him through you and we corresponded a time or two -- but he was too busy with you and couldn't keep up with your minions. He amazed me at how active he was -- how wonderful to live such a good life.

    I LOVE your cute little tree skirt! Even if you end up with a new stand, I know your sewing skills will be able to make the required adjustments!!!

  3. I remember The Old Professor - after finding him through your blog I followed bis blog for quite some time as it was always a good read with a fine mix of wisdom and humour.

  4. Hey! I just posted my squirrels too! IT'S A MEME!!!