Tuesday, November 25, 2014

From troubles of the world I turn to puddles

When you're one and three quarters...

... and have never splashed in puddles before...

... or even if you're three and a bit...

... and wise in the ways of puddles...

... it's fun to have a good splosh ...

 ... even if you get slightly wet in the process...

... but not that wet because you have your boots on.

And afterwards you can sit on a wall having a rest, looking at the waterfall and showing that your ears are rather like Daddy's (only smaller, though they don't look it because they're nearer the camera).


  1. They are both beautiful cute wee ones. You are lucky to have them in your life!
    I hope you are both well.

  2. One of life's great joys is splashing in puddles!

  3. Beautiful children and so much more fun than thinking about world problems. You made me smile with these lovely photos. Patty Mc

  4. They bring you much joy, those small people. So lovely to see them.

  5. I think I need a puddle to splash in!

  6. Awww, the babies are growing so quickly! I can't believe little L is almost 2 -- how time flies!

  7. LOVE this post! You are such a good photographer - and your subjects are SO darling.
    I get your point about bloggers flagging. I'm one of them. But I do get back to it! I am almost afraid of posting too much. Will catch up in a bit...