Sunday, November 09, 2014

Colour schemes

I got my stash of non-Christmas fabrics out of the cupboard in the spare room the other day and laid them on the bed. Some of them are spare bits of material from curtains that I've made through the years. I kept these bits because I was always a patchworker in my head... if not in fact. A few are left from the bundle that Thimbleanna kindly gave me a couple of years ago to encourage (...force...) me into getting started. Quite a lot of them are fabrics that I've liked in passing through John Lewis and bought half a metre of because I thought I'd do something with them some time. This may not have been very sensible.

I rather think that I'd better not buy any more till I actually need it. There seems to be a blue/yellow/aqua theme going on in the fabrics spread out on the bed so this is going to be the colour scheme of ... something. I think. I suppose I'd better wash them before doing anything with them. Do all you patchworkers do this?

As I was thinking this, I looked out of the window and saw Cassie the Cat surveying her street. We often wonder what she does when she goes out. By this evidence - sits and looks around. I don't think she knew she was observed. She contrasts nicely with the pink stones and grey tarmac: black goes with everything.

But I don't think it's going to figure in the next quilt, whatever that's going to be.


  1. Your fabric colours are very pretty! Cassie Cat is right, black is always a good choice.

  2. How nice to see an overcast day...wish we had a few in southern Ca..
    Cassie stands out among the color but I hope she is inside after dark.
    Your fabric stash is very pretty. Why wash the fabric? That use to be the rule but now I know of very few quilters that wash before sewing. Personally, I like the shrinkage, after I've quilted. It gives the quilt an antique look. Have a blessed week. Patty Mc

  3. Oh yes, she's in at night.

  4. Have you become hooked on quilting now?

  5. A STASH! {Jumping up and down clapping hands} I'm so proud of you -- you have a STASH!!! ;-D And, of course, in our favorite color -- blues!!! YAY!!!!!

    And funny ... I don't remember giving you any of those fabrics? I only remember the Christmas charms and the baby kit? Apparently, I am my mother's child ....

    (Oh, and you probably know this already -- I'm definitely a WASHer of fabrics. Always. If you don't (even if you do) be sure and throw a color catcher in the wash when you wash a quilt that has darker fabrics.)

  6. Love the color combo-and that you've always been a patchworker. :) Wondering what that stash will become! Good luck! :)

  7. I never wash the fabric. It had a distressing tendency to end up in a huge mess with lots of fraying edges., can't think how Anna does it and then do such gorgeous work.

  8. Loved this post! Black cats always look good against a bright background don't they. When the grass etc. is green here (before the summer when everything turns dull brown), our Topsy looks stunning against the emerald background.
    Well, regardless of whether you make anything, you've certainly caught the stash bug! I usually wash all the fabrics I buy, because most of them are from opshops, and one doesn't know where they've been before...blech..

  9. I wish my stash was as ...manageable as yours. I'll post a picture of my workroom one day and admit to how many boxes are quilt fabric... and how many others are garment or home dec weights!
    You have a lovely combination to work with. Consider a trip around the world with the colors arranged by degrees: dark blue to light to dark green to light to whites... you get the idea. It would be beautiful! (and easy). I always wash my fabrics as soon as I bring them home. I can't tolerate the sizing and other chemicals that are on them. I used to work in a fabric shop (actually 3 throughout the years) but I don't do that anymore!