Friday, November 14, 2014

How to put in the week

It's been a very mild autumn so far and there's still colour in the garden, though mainly from tender plants which will die in the first sharp frost.

I'll rescue some of them and bring them inside - attempting not to import the various beasties lurking in the compost. Slug trails on the carpet: not good. But at the moment there are still flowers despite the lower light levels so I'll wait a few days.

This chrysanthemum is glorious. I love the colour - which is slightly redder and less cerise than it looks here.

I've been doing a bit of gardening. Cassie always likes to help.

I've also seen quite a lot of the grandbabies.

Grandson has been very unwell - when he gets a cold, he becomes alarmingly asthmatic. Yesterday he was very poorly but today, on a course of steroids, he was considerably better. The gloves are to protect his hands - he has eczema on them and on other parts of his body - poor little wheezy, itchy little chap.

I've now washed and ironed every bit of my fabric stash because Thimbleanna said I should. The pieces did fray a bit but now they're all trimmed and folded and tidy. I always do what Anna tells me.


  1. A basketful of cuddles, it would seem. That little girl is growing so fast. Such a shame about N's problems, poor little chap.

  2. Your grandchildren are always so lovely! Granddaughter really seems to enjoy life. I hope your grandson will grow out of his difficulties and also, not get so many serious colds!

    You plants look so appealing. We've had lots of hard frosts, even snow already....Til next year.

  3. Oh Wow -- the power you've bestowed upon me! I love the shots of the babies in the basket -- Cute little L looks so happy in the first shot -- a little less impressed when she has to share the basket with her brother.

    And now, with my newly minted power over your actions -- I command you to take the rest of the week off. Lots of cuddle time with the babies and take a fun excursion or two. And don't forget to have a treat EVERY day. Perhaps a cookie. But, preferably a yummy scone slathered with cream and jam -- because I can't get those here unless I make my own and ... well, I need to get on that!

    Oh, and the thought of snail trails in your carpet made me laugh!

  4. Grandchildren are wonderful, so it seems. I will be finding out for myself sometime in March!
    Re grandson's allergies: I have read that many people are greatly helped by eliminating grass grains from their diet.... wheat, oats... all things from the grass family. Might be worth a try - it can't hurt? He is SUCH a doll, I hate to think of him being so uncomfortable! Best wishes!