Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I downloaded this picture from my phone and couldn't think at first what it was. But then I remembered. It's the view I have while Zumba-ing. It does look slightly as if Edinburgh is being invaded by square flying saucers but it's just the reflection of the lights in the window.

I always stand in the same place at Zumba (as does everyone else - oh what creatures of habit we are). I like it because a) I can see over the sea to the hills of Fife and b) I can't see myself in the big mirror.

The view is the part of the class I enjoy the most. Oh, and walking out afterwards with a glow of virtue.

And now for some photos of the little ones for the Worcester branch of the family, who look at my blog for these rather than for details of my exercise programme. On Saturday, Grandson and I went to the Botanics at night, where there's a light show at the moment. It was such a privilege to be there with him. It had rained heavily and we didn't have his wellington boots with us, so we popped in to a supermarket on the way there and bought him some. These were a great success, since they not only allowed him to splash in the puddles but they lit up all round the soles as he walked. I'm not positive that this is the best use of the world's resources, but he loved them ("I'm part of the light show!") and they also made it very easy to pick him out in the dark.

The light trail was cunningly planned to go past the cafe. I had warned him that this wouldn't be open, but it was. "I will have a cake," he said. Perhaps fortunately, there were no cakes, but there were crisps, which he ate with great seriousness. "I'm eating crisps in the middle of the night," he said. Well, kind of. About 6pm. But it felt like an adventure, even for me; perhaps especially for me. How often does one get to share the Botanics in the dark with a three-year-old wearing light-up welly boots?

Granddaughter wasn't there. But here's a picture of her anyway, for Nanny and Gramps. She's such a little sweetie.


  1. Ah, the joys of a new pair of boots!

  2. Ok, along with the Botanics, add Zumba to the list of places I want to go with you next time I visit. Oh dear, it might have to be a very long visit LOL. I think we need to find Granny (you) a new pair of light-up wellies -- do they make them for adults? Wouldn't small grandson love to see his beloved Granny in matching boots???

  3. I LOVE the idea of light-up wellies, especially in an after-dark light show with the gorgeous Grandson!! Lovely lovely lovely.

  4. Very soon I need to purchase new wellies I wonder if .........

    Just love your flying saucers.

  5. How wonderful to be a part of the light show, it looks very exciting.

    Adults can have glow in the dark boots -


  6. What makes our hearts sing more than the watching the happiness of a child?