Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Just asking

When our son persuaded us three years ago to get cats, we didn't expect that he would depart from the city quite so soon. But he did; and now we're cat-owners - devoted and doting ones. Cassie and Sirius bring us lots of furry joy, but holidays are a problem.

The major one is going to be at the beginning of July, when the whole family (doctoral shifts permitting) will be down in York for a long weekend to celebrate my Very Big Birthday. I have friends and a neighbour who're always willing to pop in and wield the Meaty Chunks, but we'd prefer to have someone living in the house to keep our furry friends company from time to time.

Anyone want a free cat-sitting holiday in Edinburgh? We leave on Friday July 2 and return on Tuesday July 6. Our house is about two miles from the city centre - in a quiet street but two minutes from a bus stop where there are various buses into town.

Then there are the two first weeks in August - actually Friday July 31-Sat August 14. Daughter 2 will probably be free to come and live in the house then - unless of course she's got a new job by then and it's in a distant location - sob - but on the other hand, if any bloggy friends would like to visit the city recently voted among the 25 best tourist destinations in the world (ie Edinburgh) then drop me a comment.
Coming for just part of either time would be fine.

This is what the view from our front door was like in December.

And this was it on Sunday. I'd hope it that in July / August it will resemble the lower one rather more than the upper one.
(Cassie is sitting on my knee as I type. Her fur is very very soft and she's purring gently. She's actually a strong personality who rules us all firmly - iron paw in fluffy glove - but she's doing her sweet-kitten-on-greetings-card act. Works every time. Sirius is more velvety than fluffy and he's a bit of a wimp - laid back and compliant. He's such a nice boy! )


  1. I will!

    But you'll need to pay the airfare from Melbourne Australia.

  2. As a former cat-sitter, I can vouch for the fabulousness of your locale, hospitality AND kitties! Oh, how I wish we could do the duty this year. But more than that, I hope you don't find a permanent replacement for our services. ;-) Good Luck with your search!

  3. I'd volunteer, but then I'm like Frogdancer - there's a small matter of airfare from North Carolina and that pesky volcano in Iceland.

    Sigh. But, boy, I'd love to do it just to get a chance to see Edinburgh. . .

  4. i hafta ask ... which birthday is your Very Big Birthday?

    you are such a good and devoted cat owner! and you live in Scotland! and not just in Scotland - you live in Edinburgh! and not just in Edinburgh, but in a lovely home! with a lovely family ... sigh ... if i ever DO make it to the Isles...

  5. While I love cats, I think that if perchance I managed to get to your neck of the woods I'd like you to be there.
    I look forward to reading more about the Big Birthday Bash.

  6. I think part of your problem is you cultivate bloogy friends who a re just too far-flung! I always wish I could take you up on these offers.

    Your garden certainly looks lovely, though yesterday here it felt like it was going to be the snowing picture again.

    Thanks for comments and kindness at mine, sorry I've not been over for a bit. I hope your mum's a bit better now. What you said about your aunt being cheerful reminded me of what Clare at 3BT said about her grandmother, who was equally thrilled about her (Clare) getting married every time she told her, since she had no recall of having been told before.

    We've had quite interesting conversations with my students about the invasive (envahissant) nature of lily-of-the valley, mostly we agree we don't ming being invaded by it, but some places it just won't grow well anyway.

  7. I would love to. But the problem is what to do with my two kitties while I'm away!!!

    Ah kitties....

  8. Anonymous9:49 am

    Yes please! I'd love to see Edinburgh and meet your floofy ones! I come with excellent references from Orlando and Edinburgh's a relatively straightforward train trip from Liverpool. Mark might be able to pop up for a day or two, but I can certainly stay the whole time of your early July trip to York. Couldn't do the August one though. Drop me an email at scottsabode@gmail.com

  9. I'd be there like a shot, except for the small matter of the distance from SA to Scotland, which just happens to be my favourite place in the UK. Two beautiful, midnight black kitties make the offer nigh on irrestible. Sigh ....
    Isn't it interesting how many of us inherited our cats from our children and how many of us have grown to love them so deeply that we would never,in any event, give them back?

  10. Wow! Thanks! Could L and I come for a few nights during the two-week break? Don't really want to put email address here, but haven't yet thought of way round that!

  11. What a nice offer again! Already last time I so wished I could take you up on it... :)

    I wouldn't be able to come in July because I'll still be teaching... Besides, there's already someone who's offered.

    The first week of August, however, might be possible... So if your daughter isn't able to do the house-sitting and cat-sitting for you (and there isn't anyone else), let me know and we'll look for a flight!


  12. I am normally not a jealous person, but will be gnashing my teeth in envy of the person who gets to take care of those wonderful, beautiful kitties. And your garden!

  13. That is what I like in a cat, or a man. Laid back and compliant.

    I would love to cat sit, but too far away... sob.

  14. Like your other Aussie blog friends, I would love to fly over and mind the furbabies. I'd even weed the garden if it needed doing! But I think Ken's new heart thingy would drive us mad through all those airport stops...