Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tempting day out?

See below for another conference that I think I might avoid. Though actually, it's probably very worthy and might be interesting. If it were only advertised in normal language, I'd be tempted. What's "learner engagement strategy"? (Getting them to listen to you...)

Focusing on key events driving student engagement and the wide range of strategies enjoying success in Scotland’s colleges, this three day event will examine the required foundations, pillars and apex of a learner engagement strategy and lead to:

* Sharing of engagement strategies in a range of settings including employers and the voluntary sector
* Creative ideas for college led forms and mechanisms of engagement
* Connections between learner engagement and self-evaluation systems.

Daren't visit any blogs. Back to marking. Getting through loads of tissues. Can't breathe through my nose and can't smell a thing. How unfair is that, at lilac and lily-of-the-valley time?

Cough cough.


  1. Unfair.

    I love you!

  2. I love you too, Daughter 1! Hope you're having a nice time in the US of A.

  3. Guess what? I suddenly grew out of hayfever at the age of 60. Hang on in there!

  4. Definitely time you were on holiday!

    Love the jargon-infested blurb, but I've just heard a woman on the radio (Any Questions, or some such) who talked about "politicians' tictacs"..... Even simple English isn't simple....

  5. Good grief! What meaningless verbiage these people come up with! Today at the local market I browsed through, but neglected to buy, Don Watson's 'Watson's Dictionary of Weasel Words'. He had an entry for strategic planning planning with a plan. All these institutions and businesses need to read it. Watson has a fine and incisive mind,writes wonderfully, and has an acerbic ability to cut through the crap.
    Actually, the marking sounds considerably more enjoyable than attendance at such an event.
    For your unpleasant sounding cold, I recommend frequent sniffing of eucalyptus oil. It is good stuff!

  6. Oh, let me go to the conference, too, please, please, let me go!

  7. Oh My! I've enjoyed catching up on two weeks worth of your posts -- I've been so behind. I've missed all the family birthdays -- it looks like much yummy cake has been consumed. I'm sorry you're not feeling well -- especially during lilac season. If it's any consolation, I missed the peak week of my lilacs while I was gone -- very sad, as I love them like you do.

    And Sweet DD1 is over here somewhere? How I wish we lived somewhere exciting so that I could show her around and offer her a bed to sleep in!

  8. I am currently suffering similar symptoms, and hating the human body's inability to resist a cold!

  9. I reckon the exam board should set that conference blurb as a close reading text. Just ask the poor kids what the hell it's going on about. A true test of close reading.....maybe a bit hard.....

    Lesley x