Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the train

On the train from Glasgow to Edinburgh - cities which are traditional rivals:

Man with Glasgow accent to train attendant wheeling coffee and biscuits trolley: Have you got any cereal bars?
Attendant with Edinburgh accent: Yes - they're expensive, mind.
Man: Will it break the bank?
Attendant: 'Fraid so. £1.50.
Man: It better be good.
Attendant: It will be. It's from Edinburgh. That speaks volumes.

No, no, I'm just about to do my marking. Yes, I may have paused to make a banana cake but I had three over-ripe bananas. What could I do? And yes, I've just spent some time footering about with minor adjustments to the church magazine, of which I'm editor but you know - I have my standards. But marking's next. See me go!


  1. Is it that time of year already?? I remember your "I've got marking and I'm so distracted" post from last summer!! It seems only a few months ago...

    Good luck with it Isabelle.

    Lesley x

  2. Hope the cold is improving.

  3. Hope the marking goes well, helped along with a good sized slice of banana cake.

  4. I just love eavesdropping!
    I am getting a throat infection. Hope your cold is better.

  5. Slave away there, be diligent, don't ever stop. The eyes of the world are upon you. Rest first, work afterwards always works well, especially the first part.

  6. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Banana bread will give you the energy you need to keep marking!

  7. Know the feeling. I have 450 GCSE English Lit scripts to mark and send back to the exam board in three weeks' time. Fun, fun, fun, all the way. For everyone else, that is. While I sit and tick, tick, tick.