Monday, May 17, 2010

Random pictures from the last week

It was Mum's birthday and Daughter 1 knitted her a shawl.

She was 88 - you'd not have guessed, would you?

Our crab apple tree bloomed.

At a different family party, we celebrated that Son-in-Law was 30 and Mr Life was over twice as old. They shared a cake.

Daughter 2 played with Cassie (you can just see Cassie's ears).

Sirius got cuddled by the girls. Our son was also home but he doesn't seem to be in these pictures.
And now I must rush up to my mother's house for the night.


  1. I've had that song on my mind all day - 'If I knew you were coming, I'd have baked a cake, baked a cake, baked a cake ...' etc. I think it's from some old film. I'd just got it out of my head, and then I read your post. And it's back!!! So, that'll still be there in the morning. Once I get a tune on my brain, I just can't stop.

  2. Youe Mum looks very smart with her new shawl.
    You really love blue( so do I but I love red and purple - really I love colours and colour combinations )Blue car ( so have we ) blue glasses ( so have we ) blue garden seat ( mines red ). I love your small garden whatever season and sometimes wish mine was only that size.
    Your hippiastrum looks magnificent.

  3. What a pretty shawl. And nice to see your mum wearing it. Hope she's doing ok now?

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mum!

  5. How lovely to see those family photos and to vicariously enjoy the birthdays.
    Your cats certainly do lead the life of Riley.

  6. Your daughter did a wonderful job with the shawl and your Mum looks lovely in it. Happy birthday to all, May is a busy birthday month round your way.

  7. I didn't like to mention it at the time, but Granny is wearing the shawl with the purl side out... the lace pattern looks a bit more pronounced in real life :)

    Still, I'm very glad she likes it!

  8. Oh those photos are so lovely - everyone looks so happy and the garden is positively glorious.

    And the shawl! Having seen it on Flickr and Ravelry I'm thrilled to see it around its recipient's shoulders and looking so perfect. Well, except for the bit about it being inside out of course. Go K!

  9. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Happy birthday to all appropriate family members.

    Your family photos are always so filled with love.

  10. Isn't it odd how one gets clusters of birthdays? We're jst going into one now. Everyone looks as if they're having a great time, whatever their age.

  11. Peppermintpatcher said it all when she commented 'Your family photos are always so filled with love.' They are a pleasure to look at, with or without cats!

  12. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mum!
    Her shawl is lovely. I have been thinking I would like one to keep my aching shoulders warm!
    Lovely pics of everyone... but where are you?

  13. Hey Isabelle..... came across your log through that of Loth !
    Yesterday I finished all of hers from oldest to newest and started yours today :)
    LOVED IT SO FAR !!! and... I have only reached till October 2009.
    You are my mom's age.... and we are three sisters.....
    Its sooo nice to read your blog....
    Oh, I wish I was in Edinburgh to help with cat sitting..... but alas.... if only wishes were horses or rather in this case airplanes.... I would be there....
    This comment is just to tell u that I am not a lurker just a person who found you very late.... :)

  14. Your Mom looks like such a sweet lady and so young-looking for 88.

    Your yard is sooooooo beautiful! I love looking around your photos to get a peek at your yard!

  15. Oh my! Oh my! [wringing hands in embarrassed consternation!] I, of all people, should be more sensitive, since, when people hear where I'm from, it's immediately lumped in with England, Scotland and Wales, as though they were all the one. Please accept my most abject apologies.....[slinks from room, keeping low to ground.]

  16. Lovely mum, lovely shawl, lovely flowers, lovely girls, lovely cats.......

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