Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another day

Was there ever a more relaxing life than that of a cat? Cassie and Sirius enjoy lying in the sun.

And we enjoy seeing them so unconcerned about things. Well, apart from the ironing board - they don't like that. Or the vacuum cleaner. Or the mop.

Meanwhile, my poor little mum is taking a long time to get over her operation. She's still in a lot of pain at times and has no appetite. And for someone who's about six stone (84 pounds) this isn't good. She's often awake during the night because of the pain (and wakes me to see if I can do anything, which I can't, really) and so she sleeps a lot during the day. But I don't. So life is a bit difficult at the moment.

I'm not an enthusiastic cook - I mean, I don't hate cooking but it doesn't interest me. And cooking for a carnivore (Mr Life), vegetarians (the girls and me), a gluten-intolerant, nut-allergic pescatarian (Son-in-Law 1 - he's happy with vegetarian food but I always feel I should feed him something nutritious since he's built like a blade of grass) and a mother who doesn't really fancy anything... isn't really very rewarding. The worst bit, as I'm sure many women feel, is trying to think what to cook. In many different pots and dishes.

Anyway, Daughter 2 is home for a long weekend, which is lovely. We went and visited Daughter 1, SIL 1 and Grandson this morning and Daughter 2 indulged her auntly instincts.

Who's a nice nephew, then?

Up in the air!

Big cuddle.


  1. I had a friend who was small to start with, underwent several bouts of serious illness, and was dangerously thin. She swore by eggnog to gain weight. Add wheatgerm for gut health and some B vitamins, and she did pretty well for several years.

  2. Rupert (cat) used to love helping with the ironing. For some weird reason he needed to jump over the dangling cord, like a skipping rope, each time I connected the iron. Once he'd done that a few times he'd be happy. Ironing is not the same without him.

  3. Being a cat must be great. I think I want to be a cat too.
    How lovely to have Daughter 2 home for the weekend - and that grandson of yours grows more gorgeous by the day - I love the grin!
    I have much the same problem here re the cooking. No-one wants to eat the sort of thing I want to cook, and mother eats like a bird, and fussily too, and David - well, let's just say that the food budget is exploding, and the shopping list differs vastly from my normal one. I think of inviting friends round for a meal at times, and then I also think of Mother, son, and the guests and climb back into the "too hard" basket. If you find a solution let me know!

  4. Your poor mother. I hope she has been given adequate pain relief medication and that she takes it before the pain becomes too severe. Recovery from abdominal surgery is slow, and not just from the pain.
    Does your mother eat soup, pureed or otherwise? Pea and ham or scotch broth? Little and often?
    I hope you get enough rest. And don't allow the worries to overcome you, no matter how they try to.
    Lovely baby!

  5. Love the photo "Up in the air!"

    Yes, all those differing needs to be met can be a challenge. Once one has decided what to cook getting on with it is easier. I hope the meat eater sometimes cooks his own on the BBQ or something. I have a vegetarian friend who makes her hubby always cook the great slabs of meat he likes to eat,for himself.
    I am happy being partially vegetarian ( yes I know there no such thing )but still find filling the protein requirment the challenging part. I love using nuts and eat them daily.
    Small cubed roasted veges is a mainstay. ( the greater the mix the better ).

  6. I love how Cassie and Sirius choose to cuddle up together all the time, so sweet. I hope your Mum starts to improve soon, it must be very worrying all round and not good at all that she is being woken with the pain. Sounds like it'd be worth chasing that up with her doctor.

    I feel the same way about cooking and marvelling at you for managing all those different food requests!

  7. the only things my mother will eat (without any pleading from those of us who love her) is doughnut holes and oatmeal with brown sugar - but not together and not on the same day ... sometimes i think that it would be a kindness to not try so hard to keep her here...

  8. Thinking of you, and hoping that your cheerful grandson brings hope and joy to you all.

  9. I can understand why you miss your job now and then; it would probably be less stressful than what you are enduring at the moment. Agree with S.Girl about the cats cuddling up together - great photo material!
    I'm not surprised to hear that you are not enthusiastic about cooking. Some good suggestions here from your blog readers - soups are easy and nutritious, and how easy would it be for Mr Life to don the apron and cook a steak for himself now and then?
    I love to cook and try out new recipes, but the MOTH complains about it sometimes. "No use telling you I like something - I'll never see it again". Or..."Didn't like that much. You won't be making that again soon will you?" But I go merrily on my way saying "If you don't like what I cook, you can cook your own meals". So far in 32 years, he never has.

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