Saturday, October 08, 2011


I know I shouldn’t complain. Some people have far more difficult lives than I have: war, famine, earthquake. But you know those lists of life events which are supposed to be the most stressful you can experience? I feel we’ve had most of these during this year alone. Of course, one of these has been spectacularly lovely: the arrival of Grandson. But most of the others haven’t.

For example, we’ve had birth (Grandson), marriage (Daughter 2) and death (my confused aunt, for whom I was the chief carer or at least the person who organised the care).

We’ve had engagement (Son), retiral (me), life-threatening illness (my mother).

We’ve tried and failed to sell a house (my mother’s). We’ve moved her in here (though her house is still full of her stuff – we quail at the thought of the further stress to come when we try to dispose of 89 years’ worth of rather copious possessions).

We’ve lost Daughter 2, when she moved permanently (or for the foreseeable future) to London, which has been so sad. And now, for the second time in two years, she’s lost her job. The architecture firm she worked for in Edinburgh more or less collapsed because of the financial crisis and then she moved to London for a six-week job which turned into an eleven-month one. But now that firm too has run out work. So – back from honeymoon, one week’s notice and that’s that, apart from a little freelance work to finish off a project.

Since she’s married an actor who doesn’t get all that much work, this means that they’re both now seriously impecunious. And the country’s financial position seems to be getting worse and worse.

Luckily, Grandson just beams affably despite it all.

I suppose there’s got to be a plot twist at some point. You think?

Can't I just be a cat? No? Well then, I'm complaining.


  1. Wow Isabelle. I'm so sorry to hear about DD2's job. On the plus side -- she's a very bright girl and she landed a job quickly after the previous layoff.

    And just think -- if you were a cat, the best you could hope for with adorable grandson would be an occasional lick!

  2. Isabelle, I am sending positive thoughts your way. I trust that your life and those of your loved ones will settle down soon and your days will be filled with restfulness and joy. Do enjoy that lovely happy little grandson of yours while you wait!

  3. These are mostly changes that have been 'inflicted' upon you, as opposed to ones you have chosen for yourself, so you are bound to feel a bit battered. There are tiny silver linings though. At least you don't have to go to work on top of everything, so you do have time. Your daughter and her new husband will also have a period of time together that, maybe, they will never be able to have in the same way again. They are young. They will be fine! Son is ploughing his own furrow nicely from the sound of it. Grandson looks an absolute joy, right at the beginning of his adventure. Your aunt, from what you have said, lived an interesting life. Your mother has the security of a daughter willing to take her.
    I do believe that to everything, there is a season. It just seems to be sunshine, rain, hail and snow, all at the same time at the moment! Take care of yourself - the rest will sort itself out.

  4. Worrying times it is true...but the need to focus on the positives is now....and this too shall pass.

  5. Cuddle that grandson of yours - he is close by, and not at the other end of the country! I identify so much with you on so many fronts, my friend - my Mum lives with me, as you know, and I remember with horror, the 40ft container of all her stuff arriving on my doorstep. But it worked out. It took a few years, admittedly, but we got it sorted. Life is never quite the same, but thank heavens you have Mr Life, and are able to have your Mum with you. It will get better, and there is still a great deal to be thankful for! Not to mention the cats, of course.

  6. Cats don't really worry about anyone else but themselves... wishing you could be a cat for a few days rest from worrying at least.

  7. Problems do seem to compound themselves, and it can be hard to think positively when there is relatively little you can do to change some situations. I have been thinking of your mother and the surgery and hoping all goes (has gone?) well for her. I agree with the veg artist's comments.
    And despite you worries now, essentially you are such a positive person, and you do set about working out what can and should be done. Thinking of you all.XXX

  8. Yes, a lot to cope with.

    It is realy important to get enough rest and look after yourselves ( from experience of having 3 of our elders all die 6months apart; houses to clean etc was taxing. )
    Right now along with our lovely news we have some not so nice news of another family member....I am not going to be blogging about will resolve itself one way or another. )
    Enjoy your pretty garden, your lovely grandson, your pussyboys and be glad there are 2 of you there to discuss it all!
    Hugs from Ali.

  9. Yep, just do the next thing and the next thing. Veg artist and the others are right.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's loss of job - Hoping very much that she will find something new soon!