Sunday, October 16, 2011


This is a picture of the older part of the hospital where my mum is being treated. It used to be a private house. Can you imagine sweeping down those steps in your crinoline and into a carriage?

It's set in quite extensive grounds and this is the view over Edinburgh to the Pentland Hills.

Not a bad life, I'd think. As long as you were the lady of the house and not the scullerymaid.

Daughter 1, Mr Life and I were in the car together the other day and we were listening to Classic FM on the radio. An advert came on for some dating agency or website - I wasn't paying much attention. The last sentence of the advert was "... and you can find someone just like you."

Mr Life and Daughter 1 exclaimed simultaneously, "Oh, I wouldn't want someone just like me!" and I laughed because I'd been thinking precisely the same thing.

Not that there's anything very wrong with any of us. But I need someone who can do d-i-y, can deal with birds which kill themselves flying against our windows, can work technology, can reach high shelves and is brave enough to drive on motorways - none of which is a talent I can claim.


  1. I am terrified of our Motorways too! These days I am glad to have a train trip, or be taken by someone else.
    Gom & I were 'chalk and cheese', and think for the most part, worked out quite well.

  2. Oh, I don't know Ms. Life -- sometimes "someone just like me" might be ok. Especially when the polar opposite has been a little challenging LOL! I hope your Mum is doing well.

  3. That building looks quite forbidding! So long as I have someone to dispose of spiders I am happy.

  4. Mm, lady yes, tweenie no, I quite agree I'd rather be the lady. I am getting to be a a granny too for a fortnight as the Wyoming gang are visiting! Hugs to your Mum and to you that you keep well and strong.

  5. I don't know, it might have been fun to be a scullery maid, out of sight of "society" and its pressures, free to arrange trysts with the milkman, the baker's son, and perhaps go for a gallop with the stable boy! *wink*

  6. That's really a pretty good job description for a chap in fact...

  7. (I do the spiders in this household though).