Friday, October 14, 2011

Tubes and boots

Well, my mum's op to remove the tumour from her bowel went well, evidently. All the doctors and nurses seem very cheerful about it, though as my mother says, they might be a bit less cheerful if it were their middle that had been chopped about and sewn together again.

She's still a bit confused. Yesterday she had the fixed idea that the problem had been with her liver.

Various remarks through the day included:

"They've taken my liver out."
"It's sore where they took my liver out."
"They thought they might have to take my liver out but they didn't."
"The doctor took out - what was it? - my liver?"
"Why do I keep thinking that they took my liver out?"

So that shows progress, I suppose.

Though I've spent much of the week at her bedside in the high dependency unit, she doesn't really remember much about it. Which is just as well. I don't think it's been much fun. Being a squeamish person, I haven't found it much fun either (in a lesser way). I have to focus my attention on Mum's face rather than the various drips and drains going in and out of her. I'm particularly phobic about ... can't even type it, really... the pink stuff that we're all full of: bl--d. Gah. And she's needed some extra units of this, going down tubes (argh) into her.

Moving on... I had an afternoon off yesterday to accompany Daughter 1 and Grandson into town for her to buy a few things. These included boots. We were in a shoe shop when a girl came in wanting black boots. The shop had the right size in the ones she chose, but only in tan, so she tried them on. She liked the fit.

"We could order them in black," offered the assistant.

"Hmm," mused the girl. "I'm not sure what they'd look like in black, though."

I'd have thought... much the same but... black. But I'm not known for my stylish dressing so maybe I was missing the point.

The girl bought the tan boots. Daughter 1 got her boots too. And I got to hold the baby, who is much more interesting than footwear of any colour.


  1. Good news about your mum. No 1 Grandson is growing so much! You know, I think I can relate to the boot-buying girl......

  2. There are many who say that having this done has given them a whole new lease of life. Bag or no bag! It's to do with not being ill any more, just short of a few feet of tubing! Thinking of her (and you, of course, in your Doc Martin moments!!). The little one has a very important role in all this - Prince of his own little court of admirers - just as it should be!

  3. Glad things seem to be going well with your mum. I don't go shoe shopping with my daughter any longer - we agreed that after the need for school shoes finished 15 years ago!

  4. Yay! The surgery went well -- I've been thinking about you all week. I'm with you on the boots -- but maybe we just don't understand younger fashions. Thanks for the baby pic -- he's a doll!

  5. Glad to hear your Mum's operation was successful. Poor lady, she will be feeling a bit second hand for a while. As for you being squeamish seeing her post-op with all the tubes, take it from one who knows from experience; after two or three times you get used to it! I've now seen Ken after so many procedures that I really don't notice all the paraphernalia; in fact I'm becoming quite cheeky and reading the charts at the end of his bed!

  6. So glad to hear your Mum's operation went well! All the hospitalish stuff is hard. I'm not particularly squeamish and it's hard for me.

    I'm afraid I'm with boot-buying girl: some black leathers look very different from the brown or tan versions, I like to see each colour in person first.

  7. And look how he's filling out. Wasn't he just born yesterday?? How could he be so chubby and robust looking already? Must be that invigorating Scottish air!

  8. Hello - just had a big catch up on all your goings on - phew!!! What a beautiful bride your daughter made. You also have a very cute little grandson!!!

    Wishing your mum a speedy recovery.

  9. Looks like this has been the week(s) for that sort of thing. My grandmother has been in and out of the hospital for the past two weeks, only I can't tell you what was wrong with her because you'd probably pass out. 8-) She's better now, so all is well. Glad your mom is, too.

  10. Your Grandson is just soo gorgeous! I love his little jacket too.
    Good news for your Mum. I find I am squeamish when it is my family involved.

  11. Glad to hear that your Mum's op went well.