Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Cats and other familial matters

We had a lovely visit yesterday to Son and his family, the UnBloggables. Normally I would crop a photo or two to prove their existence without showing much of them, but with the new excellent system of taking pictures straight from Google photos, I don't know how to. (This isn't to say that I haven't been shown. But if so, I can't remember.) Anyway, these are their cats, who were fairly unimpressed by us, but nice and furry.  (Goodness, Blogger has changed the way to enlarge photos again - just as I'd got used to their previous change.)

Here is Mr L getting to play with Son's ride-on mower. He liked that! Son and his family live in a pretty place, but it's quite a drive away and very much in the country - which no doubt has some advantages, but from our point of view has some major disadvantages, the main one being (in)accessibility. However, it's near our daughter-in-law's family, which is nice for them. We got a lovely welcome from Middle Granddaughter, which was very heart-warming, and though Little Grandson was somewhat suspicious at first, he relaxed quite quickly. I don't worry about him so much as I did about Middle Granddaughter, because she now remembers us and I assume he will too, eventually. Though of course it's doubtful if he'll remember us once he's a grown-up, unless we live for quite a long time. However, he's very delicious and I just try to enjoy him and his lovely big sister for the moment. Who knows what the future holds? 

Here's the tiny toad that Son rescued from being in the way of the ride-on mower. 

It was a very nice day. 

Today - excitement - we had a viewer for Daughter 2's flat. It was a girl with her mother, who came along for advice purposes. They took quite a while to look around - we waited outside after the initial showing round - and then went back again for another look, so I suppose they were serious viewers, but they didn't express any opinions, which doesn't seem a good sign. Anyway, we came home via the Botanics and enjoyed the autumn colour, such as these phloxes. 

The leaves are only just beginning to turn, but it was quite a lot chillier today than it's been recently. 

This viburnum's leaves are turning purple.


and this hydrangea gave a good show,  

 as did the Japanese anemones. 

My two choirs have both started up, on Zoom. It's not ideal, singing away with everyone else on mute. But it's all that can be done at the moment. 


  1. Your family visit sounds wonderful! Their lawn is so green. Ours are dried out and yellowish. We REALLY need rain. Their cats look like my Mari. (who is sitting right next to me as I write this) I will hope for good news on the flat soon!

  2. Good to have a family visit. And I love seeing your flowers. That's my favorite sort of Japanese Anemone but unfortunately I bought the wrong ones for our cottage - pinkish instead of white. But I love the stage of the buds and they do increase well...I am crossing my fingers for your daughter's flat to sell! (Rereading I am not sure those are your flowers....)