Friday, September 25, 2020

London and back in the time of virus

Well, I've been down to London and back, and had a lovely time with Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter. On the way down, my carriage was empty until Newcastle - quite a way down into England - which was splendid, but then lots people got on and it was relatively busy. You're given two seats each, which obviously makes for a certain amount of distancing, and everyone wore face masks, but the lady opposite me (with a table between us) decided to tell me her life story. This involved her marriage, her cheating husband, her divorce and her subsequent getting together with her childhood sweetheart - whom she was off to London to visit. Whenever she got to a juicy bit, she lowered her mask, leaned towards me and hissed the details in a loud stage whisper. I'm not sure she quite grasped the principle behind mask-wearing. She was a school dinner lady, so ... yes, possibly in contact with quite a lot of germs. 

Daughter 2 arranged a (garden) visit from my brother, sister-in-law and niece, which was lovely. Who knows when we'll meet again?

Daughter 2, Littlest Granddaughter and I visited one cafe (and were in a room all by ourselves), but otherwise spent the time at home or outside. It was hot. Littlest is perfectly at ease with me. She's such a dear little thing. 



Playing on a basketball court. 

Watering the plants. 

And then I came home again, from a fairly empty King's Cross station and on a fairly empty train, this time with non-speaking passengers. 

So I hope I haven't got Covid, but have been keeping away from people since I got back, just in case. 

Assuming that I haven't, I'm very glad I went because Britain (especially Scotland) has now gone further back into lockdown. In Scotland, we're no longer allowed to visit each other's houses - though grandparents are allowed to childmind and I think we're allowed to meet up with some people outside, though I must check the details of this. We are, however, allowed to meet with anybody in pubs, cafes and restaurants. I know that it's all done in broad brush strokes for simplicity, and the government is trying to keep the economy going, but it does seem slightly tapsalteerie - as we say here. 

I feel a great absence of Daughter 2 and Littlest. It could be a long time till we see them again. How very rubbish is that? 



  1. This virus is utter rubbish. I can think of much stronger words, but I'll save them for my private mutterings. It looks like a delightful trip, and that's what we have to focus on, I guess. I'm certainly missing my little guy 2,800 miles away. :( The rules do seem tapsalteerie(such an interesting word)--if that means haphazard or illogical. You have kind and friendly eyes and demeanor which is a mixed blessing in these days of trying to distance. That's wonderful that you got the chance to meet up with family too. We have to grab those moments when we can.

  2. Margaret rather said what I was about to say. It is all very rubbish, but the most rubbish of all is the virus and the entire pandemic. I am so glad you got to be with DD2 and Littlest, and meet your brother, sil and niece. The changing rules seem quite confusing and lead to difficulties in making any sort of plans. I am really glad this one worked out for you...(And I love the word "tapsalteerie" is seems so expressive!)