Wednesday, September 09, 2020

The distant chains are clanking... but we're still out and about

Well, I've returned to using Picasa because Google Photos makes some of my pictures very blurry. I Googled the problem and it's clearly a common one, but we couldn't find an easy explanation of what to do about it. Annoying. Anyway, we climbed Corstorphine Hill yesterday, looking longingly at the golf course... .

It was a beautiful day - almost like summer, except that the sun's getting low in the sky. Look at the length of those shadows, and it was still the morning. 

This oak tree was completely leafless at the beginning  of lockdown and look at it now. What happened to those months? - gone like a dream. We were so pleased that at least it was spring when everything was shutting down. It's not spring now. 

The willow herb is almost over now - just a faintly pink haze in the distance. 

But it has a silvery beauty in the sunlight. 

Today we walked in the Botanics. Autumn crocuses. Hmm. 

There's still colour in the herbaceous border, but look at those shadows again. It was only about 11.30.

Google seems to think these are tulbagia, which I'd never heard of. They seem to be a kind of allium. 

 And these viburnum berries are spectacular. 

I've bought quite a few bulbs and put them in pots, prior to planting them out in front of the proposed fence which is to go behind the ex-hedge. 

The virus figures are up again. England is having more stringent restrictions imposed on it from today - only six people are allowed to meet together either inside or outside - unless in a pub or restaurant... . I'm sure we'll follow suit soon - though our Great Leader will probably want to make it slightly different, just to show how independent she is (and incidentally, confuse us). 

Meanwhile I'm having fun quilting my very bright quilt. 

(The Lassie! You're still there! I do think of you from time to time. Your little ones must be quite big now. Lovely to hear from you!)


  1. Those are beautiful flowers, but fall is definitely in the air. (and the shadows) I wish I could be at the Botanics with you; this time I would not have an Irn Bru. :)

  2. My heart sank when I saw the increasing numbers. I hope you escape the worst up there. What's happening to the flat you prepared so beautifully? Is it gone? Here we're at "Level2" which means most things are open if people use a Cover tracer App, they are spaced, and the numbers are very low. So no sports events or concerts, but schools are open. Unfortunately there's been a "cluster" in South Auckland where there are many Polynesian and Maori families living in close communities. So far the numbers indicate it is possibly not completely sealed down. It is a dastardly virus isn't it!

  3. Mr L has a cunning plan which avoids using both Picasa and Google Photos.

  4. Best wishes to you east coast Scots. My Glasgow friend is slightly despondent about their restrictions, but still most supportive of your Brave Leader. Our poor leaders have never enjoyed much universal support, and today's announcement that the pubs will open have caused great consternation. At least the people not allowed to meet indoors now can pack themselves in to a hostelry with all the other frustrated groups. The bright light, low or otherwise, is always an important encouragement, I think.

  5. Might the pink flowers be nerines? I have some that are quite similar.

    1. No, I know nerines and these aren't. I thought they were a sort of agapanthus but they seem to be tulbagia. They're not pink really, but lilac-y.