Thursday, September 17, 2020

Pink. And Covid.

What a beautiful day it's been today - there's something special about a really, really lovely autumn day. It was as balmy as (a Scottish) summer, but the angle of the sun tells you that it's autumn, and that there won't be many other days like this this year. My autumn crocuses are particularly good now. 

And these dark pink Japanese anemones - so pretty in the sunlight. 

The hydrangeas are past their best but still give a splash of colour - the garden is very pink at the moment. 

And here's one of my many pots. 

I'm off to London tomorrow, possibly very rashly, because various parts of the country are being somewhat locked down again, though not to the extent of earlier in the year. But I can't wait to see Daughter 2 and Littlest Granddaughter again. 

It was Daughter and Son-in-Law 2's wedding anniversary today. Of course I'm happy that she's happy but it does mark the time when she left Edinburgh absolutely for ever. Ah well. No one can expect life to be perfect. 



  1. I sympathize about the far flung kids and the worries (and hassle) of traveling in today's Covid times. Beautiful flowers! I like pink, although I prefer purple and orange. :) Safe trip!!

  2. All this pink is very lovely. I wish you a safe journey there and back again. You're probably in London already....Be well.