Monday, September 28, 2020

Plodding on through semi-lockdown

Nothing much has been happening except lots of quilting of my African fabrics quilt, some walks and some gardening. Oh, and in Son's case, a mouse. He was looking after the children (4 and 1) by himself while his wife was at work when he became aware that the cat was looking with interest at the radiator. This was because there was a mouse behind it (brought in, doubtless, by the cat). Son attempted to extract the mouse, which promptly ran up the inside of his sleeve. After a bit he managed to decant it into this empty jug. Meanwhile, however, his little son had taken the opportunity to remove a packet of cereal from the kitchen cupboard and empty it over the living room floor. Ah, the joys of parenthood. 

Landscapers are due to come on Wednesday to deal with the ex-hedge problem. The boss seemed confident that they could use their digger to hoick out the roots of lilac and leylandii and do various other things necessary to make the ex-hedge area into a beautiful... well, smooth ... area of lawn with no lilac suckers. I hope he's right. I decided to dig out some plants in the corner here, or to be more accurate I decided that it would be good if Mr L dug them out, in order to make the lawn wider in this funny triangular bit at the end of the garden. Mr L doesn't normally do any gardening but he's usually willing to help with my heavier destructive plans. 

I think I slightly broke him on this occasion, however. 

The whole thing doesn't look too bad from a distance.

Close too, however, it looks dire. See how the poor lilac hedge is desperately trying to grow again? It's doomed to failure, or at least I sincerely hope it is. 

I've been digging out the middle, inactive bits of clumps of irises (they resisted strongly) and doing general tidyings up. What with that and too-intensive hand-quilting through fleece, I'm a bit achey in hand and leg. It's not so easy to get up and down when weeding my way along flower beds as it used to be; though I have now acquired an old-lady-kneeler, with handles, which does help. Couldn't be getting old, could I?

It's getting quite autumnal now, which makes this new lockdown thing even more tedious than it did in spring - when it was new life, flowers, birds and so on. It's not so easy to entertain in the garden in autumn and winter, in Scotland. 

One has definitely had enough of 2020 and its shenanigans.

Still, autumn can certainly be pretty. And when autumn comes, can spring...? - as Shelley didn't quite say. 


  1. I have a triangular shaped lawn too, and didn't plant anything in it, although I usually have flower pots back there. Poor Mr L looks worn out! Does he have his beard back? I hope the landscapers can get rid of the plants and ensure that they don't grow again. I've had some issues with that. I've certainly had enough of 2020 and am wondering how long we'll be dealing with this pandemic. Months, or even perhaps years. Some days I accept that, while during other ones I feel distraught at our precious time slipping away. Ugh.

  2. Your son is a brave man - I would've run screaming into the street! And, at least it was dry cereal, if so easily could have been liquid, or sticky, or both, and staining! He got away lightly, methinks! We're well into Spring here - Spring being the season of unseasonable gales, and snow to sea-level just when lambing is in full swing. Not to mention gales! I'm looking forward to seeing that lovely African quilt when it's finished. A real challenge for you, but it was looking great when you showed us last.

    I hope Mr L has recovered from his exertions, and the men with the toys have achieved miracles.

    Thanks for sharing your world.

    1. Ah, but if you'd run screaming into the street, the mouse would still have been up your sleeve...

  3. I love pictures of your garden - so green and lush! We mostly try desperately to help things (anything) grow - not so much discouraging things from growing where we don't want them ...

  4. Ohmygosh -- if a mouse ran up my sleeve ... well ... I can't say it LOL. P is so brave and I love that he let the babies have a peek at it before it was dispatched. Your garden is looking lovely -- and definitely autumnal. I can't wait to see it next spring when you have re-planted the hedge area. I hope your lockdown remains bearable -- Chin Up Buttercup as they say ... XO

  5. Hi Pam, I'm catching up with you again... I think I read through Sept and Oct to this date, tonight. How brave of you to travel down to London! With Lockdowns sneaking in again, I was afraid you might get caught down there.. What would Mr. L do???? I laughed out loud at your son's mouse incident.. and then the youngster spilling the cereal! HAHAHA! I'm so glad that your quilt is going well. The photo clips you shared of it are very inventive and attractive. I'm looking forward to starting a quilt of my own. As soon as gardening and food processing is done for good! I posted a blog today about all that I have put up so far. Not bad, but not near what I would like. I do enjoy your photos of Edinburgh. It was at this time 4 years ago that we were there. Blessings to you and stay well!