Sunday, March 27, 2011

This, that and a journey to the moon

Morsels from my day: I occasionally look at my nephew's Twitter page. He's 21. Today he tweeted: Oh no I just burped up a kidney after drinking a can of Dr. Pepper real fast. (He makes me such a proud auntie.)

Mr Life is on Facebook. He's not a keen Facebooker; in fact he has only 6 "friends": our children, our son-in-law, our son-in-law's brother and a chap in our church. When we were all sitting round after lunch, he read from our son-in-law's brother's page: It's a lovely sunny day, just right for mending the toilet with a hangover.

"I wonder," remarked our son-in-law, "how the toilet got a hangover."

Nephew: Cambridge University. Son-in-law: Oxford University. They pick only the best and brightest.

Later I came across this 1902 film of a journey to the moon. It takes 10 minutes but it's quite diverting. Sorry I can't do the wee tv screen thing.

Well, that's the weekend over again. Hope you had a good one. Back to work.


  1. You are obviously suffering from paragraphitis. No known cure.

  2. That's why I loathe Facebook - too much information, and mostly utter tripe. Or kidney.

    Will send you instructions for how to get your wee Youtube telly thing up on your blog.....

  3. You're so funny. I'm a proud auntie too ... and often shudder at facebook postings by those sweet little relations. I'm sure I miss most of them too, cause I rarely get on there. I'm with Rachel -- I loathe facebook. I usually just log on to wish someone a happy birthday.

  4. Blogger did it to me too - no paragraphs. I gave up and eventually just hit publish. With vigour.
    I actually really enjoy Facebook. It is a great way to stay in touch with all my friends and family, seeing that we are all spread over the globe!

  5. My children are very impressed by the ability to burp up internal organs and would like you to send instructions, please.