Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another weekend older

It's been a busy weekend, though not (for me) in any productive way. Daughter 2 came home at the weekend for a wedding dress fitting and to discuss various weddingy arrangements with her husband-to-be, who's in Edinburgh appearing in the Fringe. The fitting was on Saturday morning and Daughter 1 also had the first fitting for her matron-of-honour dress - Grandson having been up till now a limiting factor in this process. Here he is, above, recovering from his exhausting life. (You can almost imagine from this photo what he'll look like when he's 80 and having a nap in his armchair with his hat at a rakish angle.) And here he is below, having a kick on his mat. Those socks didn't stay on for long.

Then she and the chap discussed cakes and hymns and ... well, I'm not quite sure but it took a long time. Then they went off to discuss photos with his friend the photographer, and then Daughter 2 came home again while he appeared in a show and then she went off again to see him in another show. Meanwhile they were going to be here for a meal, and so were Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law (who was going to come over on his bike) but then Daughter 2 and future husband didn't have time for a meal and so SIL decided not to come over and Daughter 1 thought she'd better go home...

It was that kind of weekend. Today Daughters 1 and 2 spent the afternoon with Daughter 2's Edinburgh friends in a mini-refined-hen-afternoon-with-various babies and now Daughter 2's gone back down to London exhausted, poor lamb, for another far-too-busy week at her very tiring job.

Big sigh.

Mr Life and I spent this afternoon with friends in the country, which was nice. Because Daughter 2 had our (one) car, Mr Life and I used a car belonging to the City Car Club, which we've just joined. You book a car over the internet and then go and collect it when you want it. We joined mainly because now that Grandson has joined the family, we can't transport Grandson, his parents, my mum and us, all in one car. So this seems like a useful way round the problem.

What a boring post. Sorry. Never feel full of inspiration when Daughter 2 has gone. And she'll arrive in London at midnight thirty or something. Alone. Hmm.


  1. that little guy is so cute!

  2. That sounds a lovely, busy weekend and not at all boring!

    I wonder what little GS was saying to the strange blue face on his activity blanket? He looks a very bright young man.

  3. What has he done? Doubled/tripled in size since he was born? He's looking very chubby. And I like the rakish angle of his hat!

  4. You're so funny -- I really can see the 80 year old in there! Sounds like an exhausting weekend for you -- to dine or not to dine with everyone? Sounds like you need my big ol' American car to transport all of your family members. Your neighbors might complain when you park it on the street though! ;-)

    Ooooh, and Thanks for the baby shots -- he's just toooo cute!!!

  5. Chin up Isabelle......I can feel some 'unsettled-ness' in you...but focus on the good...that beautiful grandson for one!

  6. Nice weekend and lovely grandson!

  7. Not at all boring...I think the idea of a City Car Club is very interesting!

  8. I didn't find it at all boring. I love reading about your retirement and I'm taking notes for when I'm in the same position in FIFTEEN years' time, and that's if I'm lucky.