Thursday, August 18, 2011

Distracting myself from my thickness

Oh, it's a terrible thing to be thick. And I am. Having signed up for Facebook, I can't really see how you're supposed to work it. Possibly I might understand it if I tried a bit harder, but I can't be bothered. There seems to be a lot of information about friends of friends, which seems irrelevant to me. (Yes, I know I spend lots of time reading the blogs of people I'll never meet...) What I need is a young person to instruct me. Daughter 2's coming home at the weekend but she's got lots of weddingy things to arrange.

Anyway, I'll distract myself by posting pictures. Son came to visit us twice within a few days (we were honoured) and Sirius lay on his legs. These big blue things are Son's feet. It's funny how Sirius looks in photos. In fact he's the nicest natured, most tolerant cat in the world (I've met all the cats in the world, of course) but he looks rather severe and reproachful here.

Here's my mum cuddling her great-grandson. Thank goodness that he's here to cheer Mum up, because she's not well, she can't sell her flat and her upstairs neighbour is being difficult about downpipe repairs. "I just want to run away," she keeps saying.

This is the second of Son's visits. Look at those butch bootees. Son used to have a pair just like them.

They had a bit of a chat. It's so odd (but sweet) seeing the person who was (it seems to me) a baby himself such a short time ago, and was the baby of the family, cuddling his tiny nephew. Tempus (as I'm not the first to remark) fugit - and extremely fast.


  1. Doesn`t it fly....?

    One good thing about blogging is the photographic record of days that might otherwise have just slipped away.

    The photo of your Mum and your Grandson is just beautiful. There is such tenderness in her expression. A real connection between the past and the unknown future. My Mum missed meeting her Great Granddaughter by just a few years. She would have loved her!

  2. It certainly does......some lovely pics for the family album, and doesn't Sirius have beautiful eyes! I am on Facebook but I don't know why I bother, I never post friends' friends are not necessarily my friends.

  3. I'm feeling very virtuous as I read this for never being duped into thinking it would be a good thing to be on Facebook! First of all I'd be in the same "thick" boat, right along with you.....maybe together we'd capsize it! Secondly,if I had 398 1/2 "friends" I'd never catch up. And I heartily resent the way Facebook took a lovely word like "friends" and turned it into something so meaningless and shallow. It also seems like a cop-out from having "real" connections with people. Meet me on Facebook---no need to endure awkward silences, or learn the finer points of conversation, no,no,no,no,no! Take the easy way out, no emotional
    involvement....and if you annoy you, why I can just "unfriend" you! How juvenile! Ahhhh. You've got me on my soapbox now!
    Ditto for twitter....

  4. Oh, and I'm glad you cleared that up about the socks....I was puzzled!

  5. I really like the first photo - what a great shot!

  6. Tempus Fugit in deed! That wee babe appears to be growing already. Do you suppose Son was telling him about the finer points of doctoring? I LOVE the picture of him with your mum -- sooooo, so sweet!

    And I would like to vouch for the fact that Sirius is indeed, not serious. A wonderfully sweet cat. (Even though I'm pretty fond of Paul and Scruff -- too bad they can't all have a play date!)

  7. (Oh, and I forgot to say -- I HATE facebook. Hate. It. It's messy. And if you have a "friend" who plays games or wins bonus points via somethingorother or gets a daily horoscope, you'll be bombarded with all that garbage. I only have it to see what the kids are doing -- and they don't even use it much anymore. Yay.)

  8. I signed Tom up for 5 minutes on FB because an old friend of his was posting his paintings and promoting his art workshops, so I lurked around a bit on it but finally I felt quite repelled by it - couldn't get my head round it and just didn't want to, and yes, messy is the perfect word for it. Ghastly thing. Tom signed himself off as he got fed up with getting pestering e-mails because of it, and I am permanently relieved not to have got directly involved. And the lurking made me feel bad.

    So, that's my verdict!

    I do hope your mum's troubles get ironed out soon, and she feels a bit better. I feel like I want to run away quite a lot too. I suppose I have really...

  9. Mm, agree about FB, I use it to chat with a group of friends and that's it. Wonderful pictures and the scenery in the last onevtoo. Hugs to your Mum, selling a house is right up there on the stress level.

  10. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - don't feel slighted but I'm really stalking your grandson :) My boys are old enough now that I think tiny babies are adorable without being reminded of all that hard work!

    And yes, the cancer is a bit of a conversation-stopper. I thought about not including it on the blog but it would be hard to tiptoe round it and, to be honest, most of my (vast, haha) reading public are immediate family anyway! Treatment finishes soon and then back to a very welcome normality.

    I'm a facebook addict. Wonderful way of keeping in touch with family and friends scattered all over the world. I do "hide" all my teenage friends though - there are some things I do NOT want to know.

  11. Thick is certainly not one of the words I would choose to describe you, Isobelle.
    Maybe we could be 'friends' on Facebook. I'm there too, but don't use it much. They seem to want you to 'friend' everybody and their brother, and 'like' everything. It seems a bit silly, but it can be fun to chat and keep up with friends and family.
    I'm rediscovering the joys of reading good books this of the reasons I haven't been blogging much. I must admit to missing my blog friends though.
    Such sweet photos of your family adoring the little fellow. Love the one of your mum. I hope she feels better soon.

  12. The "Sirius" was one of the ships of the First Fleet to found (eventually) Sydney...a famous name here.

  13. Adorable pictures, as always! I am on Facebook, but I suppose I don't use it too much. I think.

  14. Don't worry about things like Facebook. What's really important is that Magnificent Grandson of yours. Why look at a computer screen when you can probably gaze for hours into his lovely wee face? He really is beautiful--many congratulations all round. Lucky you with such a lovely family!