Saturday, August 06, 2011

Festive rain

Daughter 2 is up in Edinburgh for the weekend for a wedding dress fitting but also to see her family (including her nephew) and her actor husband-to-be, who's up in Edinburgh for three weeks to perform in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (while she's down in London - yes, quite).

The morning was quite sunny but then it deteriorated. Above, you see our local hill, Arthur's Seat, swathed in mist. Very seasonal. After the fitting, she met up with her chap and they got very wet. Later we picked her up and all went to see Daughter 1 and the baby.

They bonded.

He napped in a somewhat melodramatic attitude. "Ah," said Daughter 1, "the Death of Chatterton pose."

I can see what she meant.

Daughter 2 tried on Daughter 1's veil, with a view to borrowing it. Her jeans were still somewhat damp so she had rolled them up. "My bottom's wet too," she mourned.

"You need a better fitting nappy," suggested Son-in-Law.

Then things got a bit silly.


  1. Your family sounds fun and silly!
    Had to look up Death of Chatterton... most interesting.

  2. Such happy times: to be treasured.

  3. Nice pics. I know it must get tiresome being in that weather all time, but the pic of the hill in mist was really pretty. I spent a week in Scotland many years ago and found it breathtaking. Unbelievably beautiful country you live in.

  4. The Death of Chatterton pose is marvellous!

  5. Isabelle: I look at the photo in your header and wonder: Are you the questioning, confronting one or..the reflective one?

  6. My goodness, I turn my back for a few days and that baby GROWS!!

  7. I will have to follow Violet Sky's example. Such ignorance is not bliss.
    Still waiting for a photos of Grandma, though.

  8. Hahaha -- SIL is a funny guy. It looks like you all are having such a good time on your get-togethers. I spy G-grandmother!!!