Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Isabelle cuddling Grandbaby

Bowing to popular demand (it must have been at least four people...) here's a picture of me with Grandson. Admit it: he's lovely!

And here he is again. Look how he's growing out of his newborn-sized suit. He looks as if he's going to have long legs like his dad, which is good.

My colleagues - my ex-colleagues - have now been back at work for two days, which makes me feel that I've really and truly retired. And it's a very odd feeling. Mr Life is on holiday this week and yesterday we went on the train to Berwick in the north of England, which was very pleasant. We walked around the walls in a holidayish fashion. I wanted to do something on this first college day to distract myself from feeling that I should be at work. I actually felt a bit sad about not being there, which is silly because I made the decision to retire so that I can (among other things) spend time with Daughter 1 and the baby.

Several of my colleagues emailed me to say that they were missing me, which made me feel better, though of course it may not have been entirely because of my wonderful sparkling personality; it could also have been that I normally do things that other people are now having to do. Guilt...


  1. Lovely photos. Thank you.

  2. That is a very promising start, Isabelle, and your admiring circle eagerly awaits the next and the next...
    Thank you. He is indeed a splendid babe.
    Retirement takes some getting used to, as does transferring that sense of purpose which work provides to all the other things life provides.

  3. Cute pics! Don't feel any guilt about retiring. You worked for many years, and now it's time for yourself.

  4. He is lovely and what a grown up smile he has.

  5. how sweet is that picture?!? he's giving you a hug AND he is smiling!

    i love that little boy!!!

  6. He is so lovely, and his feet are so cute!

  7. Your baby is just darling. Be grateful that you can stay home and enjoy him.

    I understand those feelings of missing work. I have gone back to work nearly every year since I retired in 2006. This year, I finally did not have those feelings of nostalgia. It takes time to fully adjust.

  8. Anonymous7:30 am

    I was forced to retire due to ill health at 46. Now with 50 on the horizon I still miss not working sooooo much. I can understand those feelings that you are having.
    What a total cutey your grandson is :-)

  9. He looks adorable and with you holding him he is smiling away!
    I am dreaming of retiring.....enjoy it!

  10. Dear little chap! I still sometimes feel like I should be working when I'm out and about - you just have to go with it (hard work I know!).

  11. Yes - he is gorgeous - and for once I meant that!!

    Re the retirement guilt - ha ha ha - get over it it!! There is an Oz comedian/shock jock whose catchphrase is - "harden the f**k up"...I'm thinking that but in a nice, jokey way of course!

    Feeling guilty about not being at work doing chores other people don't want to do when you're pottering round Berwick....daft mare!

    I'm sure you'll get the hang of it all soon and in the meantime you got the lovely grandson to admire.

    Lesley xx

  12. Well, now that you've had your pep talk from Leslie, I don't have much else to say.

    Except that I LOVE that little smile! He's adorable. You must be having the BEST time!!!

    It looks like you're enjoying retirement -- you'll soon be used to it and wonder how you ever had time to work (wait, I think you were already wondering that!)

  13. Come on, Grandma, stop being silly. Work will just be a distant memory soon, and you can say - like all of us retired folk - that you didn't know how you had time to work, you're so busy!

  14. When I start school again and get all the marking/planning back, I'll write and let you know how it's going. You'll feel instantly glad you're retired.