Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Autumm leaves and girning

It's been such a beautiful autumn. In fact, I don't really have any clear idea of what autumn is usually like, since for so many years I've been stuck inside, teaching, with no time to look out of the windows; and at this time of year, there was so much marking to do at home. But this year... well, I've been tied down to the house a lot with my mother, but have at least been able to go out into the garden or for short walks.

Today, however, Daughter 2 was working at home and could keep an eye on Mum (who's gradually getting better, thank you all) so Daughter 1, Grandson and I went to our beloved Botanic Gardens. It was so mild that we didn't need jackets. Because of the time of year, the sun was low so that the light slanted and the shadows were long. But it was bright and the colours seemed particularly intense.

Grandson slept.

We walked. It was lovely but we wished that Daughter 2 was with us too.

No wind; very few ripples on the pond.

Stripy shadows.

Quite a few autumn flowers bloomed on.


More pink!

Intense blue.

Grandson wasn't quite himself today - he wasn't as cheerful as usual, though he did smile politely in between the complaints, or girns as we'd call them in Scotland. Maybe he's beginning to teeth?

He gazes, big-eyed. It was one of those days with babies that you just have to live through and hope for a better one tomorrow.

But tomorrow, alas, darling Daughter 2 goes back to London, taking our hearts with her.


  1. And there I was thinking "Oh, oh! Isabelle has made a boo-boo! Mis-spelling Grins! Poor wee bairn! Isn't that what you'd say in Scotland? I'd girn too if I were teething.....And grimace politely in between.

  2. Perfect day for taking photographs. I just fancy a wee jaunt in the Botanic.

    Mine went back to Wyoming last week, sob, so London really isn't so bad, Isabelle. Glad your mum is feeling better and hope the girning disappears quickly for Master G.

  3. Your photos are just lovely, with their long shadows, looks a wonderful outing. Glad your mum is mending.

  4. Looks like a perfect Autumn day! Your grandson is so cute! It's so hard when our children go off. We only get to see our a couple of times a year, sad, sad, sad!

  5. Looks like a lovely day but I did miss my dose of your gorgeous smiley grandson. Dratted teething! I'm not just saying this but he really is one of the handsomest little chaps I've seen. Extremely photogenic and very smiley.....or maybe you've taken soooo many pics of him that some are bound to be good...lol

    Lesley x

  6. But what a beautiful day for photos, as reminders!

  7. Even when they are grumpy, babies steal your heart.
    What a beautiful walk you had.

  8. Girn, was new to me too.

    So glad you were out and about. That fresh air will have done you good.
    Lovely photos too!