Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Gather ye begonias while ye may

The weather is very mild again after a couple of days of very slight overnight frost. See this begonia, still flowering away outside the front door.

And a nice lilac plant whose name escapes me, spreading happily out from this pot. And another begonia beside it.

And look at this lovely rose, encountered the other day on my walk.

But the leaves are falling quite rapidly now from the trees and painting pictures on the pavements. I should really wander round the garden and decide which tender plants I want to rescue before it's too late. Oh, for a heated greenhouse. I'll put some of them in Son's old room, attempting to check them for slugs before I do so. It's not that nice to encounter slug trails on the carpet and have to hunt them down.

As you'll gather, nothing much happened today. Except that I went for a walk, made up three beds, took a downie (duvet, doona) to the cleaners, made eye check appointment for Daughter 1 and me, made a chiropody appointment for me, spoke to a gas man on the phone twice, spoke to Daughter 1 on the phone once, Daughter 2 twice and Son twice, visited my mother in hospital, wrote a 70th birthday card and several emails, herded cats in various directions, reorganised a vase of flowers, washed the kitchen floor, went to choir even though I can't sing ... and stuff like that.

PS Happy 64th, big brother - or as you would consider it, 59eth. By the time I got back from choir, I decided it was a bit late to phone you and anyway, I can't sing at the moment (see above).


  1. Isn't it amazing how days can fly by when you are doing lots of nothing much? Singing is fun, I can understand your missing it - I sing in two choirs, so that's double the fun!

  2. And I thought retirement was supposed to be relaxing! Whew -- I'm tired just reading about your day. I'm thinking it would be in my best interest to just keep working -- I can sleep at my desk LOL!

  3. Super mild here in New York, as well. Odd, no(vember)?

  4. I don't mind being 64 and admitting it. It was someone else who celebrated 49, 49a, 49b and so on. I've already checked that (your) Sister-in-Law will still need me, will still feed me ...