Saturday, November 26, 2011


This is my left-hand desk drawer. It contains a very random selection of items - some more or less useful, such as the staple remover, the treasury tags and many things for holding bundles of handouts together (all of which I used to use daily when I was a teacher and now... not so much).

(Edited to add... those things were bought by me, not pinched from college, I'd like to make clear. On the other hand, I don't know why I didn't just give them to someone at work. Am I ever going to use most of them?)

A lot of the contents, however, are not useful at all and have ended up in the drawer because... who knows? They were tidied there at some point and I've never moved them. For example, this little book that I made for my children when they were small.

It's about Santa coming to visit the house that we lived in then. I made it very late one night to fit in the Advent chimney, which had little boxes for the mother to fill and the children to open every day of Advent (which seemed a good idea at the time of buying it...).

Here's a postcard of a 1937 design by Ben Nicholson, printed on cotton, which I got at an exhibition at York many years ago. I just liked the cheerful animals. I still do.

A cat brooch made by Aileen Paterson, the writer and illustrator of the Maisie Cat books (well-known in Scotland). I bought it at a craft fair long before the Maisie books were published. Clearly I liked black cats even then.

This used to be a key fob of Mr Life's but it broke. I couldn't bear to throw it away since it's a picture of Daughters 1 and 2.

Who knows why I have these photos in the drawer? - me aged about 20, my dad in middle age and Daughter 2 a few years ago.

The hospital bracelet from Daughter 1's baby wrist.

The children at a birthday tea.

The children and ET in Florida Disney. Or possibly Eurodisney?

Perhaps I should throw some of this away. But not yet.


  1. You can't possibly throw most of that away, but, as an ex-civil servant, I, too, seem have treasury tags that found their way home!

  2. You need to make a mini scrapbook titled "Bits and Bobs from the Desk Drawer" and jot down your thoughts about these things-or print out what you typed for the blog. They have pockets or you could glue in envelopes to put some of the treasures in. :) I'm sure your family would enjoy seeing them, too-like I did! :)

  3. You have to keep the lot, you know. Every one of us older ones has the same kind of collection in a drawer or box somewhere. I rather like the scrapbook idea! Actually, I found a wonderful idea on a blog or Pinterest re children's things - take photos of the artwork and treasures and then you have the memory but not the A1 sheets of paper folded up somewhere.I really think all school artwork should be on smaller paper!
    You had REALLY long hair when you were 20ish!

  4. Isn't it tidy! Weren't you pretty! (I'm sure you still are but we don't get to see you much). Aren't your children lovely! Dear little Santa book!

  5. Of course you're not going to throw these away . In fact , when Grandson starts pre-school , your drawer will bulge as you add "For Granny And Grandpa" masterpieces to the treasure chest!

  6. Your drawer is MUCH neater than mine! And no ... you definitely can't throw any of it away -- much too priceless!

  7. Don't throw it - it's great stuff!!

    And all quite tidy really.

    Lesley xx

  8. What a tidy drawer ... I have lots of drawers like this too ... although mine are not so tidy.

    Don't throw anything out ..we have to leave something for the children to do when we pass on ..

    Well done on the Nablopomothingy.