Thursday, November 03, 2011

Some rather random blog thoughts and a bit of Grandson

These are the igloos that the cats sleep in at night, when we meanly shut them in the kitchen. During the day they prefer to lounge on a living room sofa. The other day, I was impressed to note that they'd abandoned the sofa and were presumably outside, getting fresh air and exercise on a lovely autumn day. Then I peered into their igloos and noticed that they'd returned to bed.

One has days like that, when one would prefer to curl into a ball and retreat.

However, it's just as well that it's not an option for most of us. Things to do, places to go, people to see.

Don't you wonder, sometimes, why people whom you've got to "know" quite well, suddenly - or gradually - stop blogging? I can only think of one person who actually announced that she was stopping - and did. Which was fair enough, though slightly frustrating. Otherwise people tend to drift away. Not many, actually, of the bloggers whom I read have done this. But a few. For example, one of the first blogs I read, called "Yo Heave Ho", dribbled away and ceased. Granted, its writer, Zara, had just had a second baby. (I can never understand how people with small children have time to blog.) But I would still like to know that she's ok. And she was a very entertaining writer as well as an engaging person.

Still, it's a funny thing to do, sending thoughts out into the ether; and every now and then I'm seized by the what-am-I-doing-this-for? feeling. When I started, over 5 years ago, I didn't imagine that anyone I knew would read it, but of course all my family do now and some of my friends. Which makes it a slightly different creature. And I suppose that even if we fancy ourselves to be anonymous, we all present only an edited picture of ourselves and our lives. Though some people, such as Fran of "Being Me", don't really even do that. She refers only obliquely to her husband and children and never posts pictures of her pets, cushions, garden or whatever. She's really funny instead.

Such a variety of blogs.

I'm glad to say that in those 5 years, none of my bloggy friends has died. But several have been widowed. And I'm occasionally sidetracked on to blogs of people with terrible illnesses who have since died. And yet their blogs hang on in cyberspace... As presumably will ours...

Anyway, I seem to be in a rambling frame of mind. To return to normal life: Grandson came visting today, fully restored to his sunny self. So delicious! Daughter 1 and I took him out for a walk. I love to see his face turning from side to side, his eyes swivelling as he takes in everything that's visible from his supine position: leaves, sky, gates, people. He has such an interested look on his face. What a pity that we can't ask him what he's thinking about.


  1. I too wonder what happens to people who blog then stop. I have a spot where I have all of my passwords, sites, etc in case something happens to me. But in thinking about this, I should show someone how to blog so my few readers would know what happened. I check into your blog daily, love the pix of the grandson and the beautful part of the world you live in.

  2. I suppose life just intervenes, and blogging gets put to one side, and then it's too hard to catch up again ... like putting eighteen years worth of photos in the album all at once. Not going to happen.

    We shut our cats in the laundry at night with only a cardboard box and an old towel! Your igloos look very luxurious - I'm not surprised they went back for a day snooze.

  3. I get really sad when old blogging friends suddenly stop - some from when I started 6 years ago are on Facebook, but it is not the same - i loved reading their stories. Does that make me selfish?? Hmmm.
    Oh well - some of us are still around and have no intention of vanishing. My daughter knows how to access my blog if anything happens to me, and I too have a book with every password under the sun in it, so all should be well.
    Just enjoy the grandson - they grow so fast. Missy is approaching 3 now and what a hilarious child she is. I am treated to performances of her "dancing" on Skype in the evenings. A new version of hip-hop is the closest I can get to finding a description of her contortions. I, of course, cheer her on from here. Ah how I love being a Granny!

  4. I hate it when people stop blogging, particularly if I have recently found them, and spent a rainy afternoon back-reading. I feel guilty, as if I'd jinxed them!

  5. You should ask him. If he is a genius he may reply. That would shock you.

    That is very wise Patty. I too have a note book with pass words for various sites. ( kiwifruit ones, avocado ones, personal ones. ) But I have not given any instructions to anyone on how to shut down my site if need be. )

    As you say Isabelle we all do different things. I tend not to put up personal photos, full names or anything incriminating. I certainly now have to think twice before I write about some things on my mind...because of who reads my blog.

  6. Do you think maybe people just don't know how to end it? Maybe they don't want all the comments they'd get if they announced they're leaving? Some people don't do goodbyes very well (hmmm, I think I'm one of them.)

    I've tried pretty hard to keep some people in real life from finding out about my blog. So far, it's worked pretty well. TheManoftheHouse is off visiting his family this week and he told me that, after 5 years, he's finally told his mother about my blog. Hopefully that won't change things. ;-D

    I'm glad to hear the baby is doing much better now -- he's soooo darn cute!

  7. I think life gets in the way. And when some people in your real life know about your blog [big mistake!]you have to tread lightly...Also the twists and turns your life takes often involve other people, whose privacy you have to respect even though whatever is going on with them has a huge impact on your life. I love blogging but lately the weight of what I can't say weighs too heavily so I end up saying nothing at all....

  8. You can shut off comments so if one was to stop, just announce it and go. I am fairly cautious about mentioning family and tend not to put up pictures of them except for random ones of the WT. my daughter in law blogs so she could finish it off for me, but don't have passwords very accessible.
    None of you are allowed to stop, do you hear me?

  9. Lawks...... or even if one were to stop...sorry, Isabelle!

  10. I worry when people I read regularly stop blogging. I wish they would say good by or that they're taking a break.

  11. I too wonder why people stop. I think once you stop writing daily or every second day, you stop seeing things in terms of blog posts.
    And the longer you delay the more you feel you need something really weighty to break the blog silence.
    And then you may not have time to write up the weighty subject, and your confidence is lower, because you haven't been writing.
    And then, you slowly get out of the habit. I know that happens to me if I miss two days or more. I feel I need a big weighty post, but have no time to write it up...
    Best to break the silence with a trifling post, then...
    I had a fun first visit to your blog, thnaks:)

  12. I stopped blogging for a time because of repeated attacks from a 'troll', and because an email address was on my profile I was attacked that way too. It was unpleasant because I thought I knew the troll (and I'm still not really certain that I was right). I said why I was going, and went. But a few months later I started again because I'm a compulsive writer, and I enjoy blogging.
    I have had a few more offensive troll coments, but they now only make me laugh - or at least smile!

  13. I think Anita has it right. I also think facebook stole a few of my blog friends. Facebook can give you the same feedback for a lot less effort. But I intend my blog to be our family history so I plug away, even when, as Molly says, the weight of the unbloggable stuff grinds you down.