Monday, November 14, 2011

Weather and stuff

British weather (ah, the final resort of the NaBloPoMo person who's running out of things to say?) is very variable. Above, you see our front garden last Saturday. And below...

... you see our front garden on November 30 last year. Somewhat different, and I'm here to tell you now that I prefer the coloured version.

I couldn't claim that the garden's looking its best despite the lack of snow, but some things are still flowering, such as this tuberous begonia...

... and this fuchsia, with a feebly-flowering lobelia and some polyanthus which thinks it might be spring. (Wrong.)

Today my lovely friend J came to lunch. Because my life has been centred round hospital visiting and sick-bed nursing for some weeks, it was such a boost to see her, with her enthusiasm for life and her tales of college (where she still works, three days a week). And then I took Mum to see her surgeon, who thinks she's doing awfully well considering her "hUUUUge" operation and her age - 89 and a half. I don't think Mum is really convinced of the splendidness of her state of health but the surgeon was so delighted with her that I hope some of the delight rubbed off on her.

And I also trust it doesn't snow any time soon because Mum certainly wouldn't like that. As it is, there have been several times recently when I've said what nice weather it's been and she's responded, "I hope we don't pay for it later."
True British optimism.


  1. Perhaps I'm being over-optimistic here, but to me it already feels as though we will have a shorter winter. It's been mild here in West Wales, and I'm keeping my fingers crosses!

  2. Hmmm. Our mothers must be twins separated at birth. I love mine dearly, but the prophet of doom has nothing on this one, believe me. Deep breath, my friend. There is no snow yet. (But, as my mother says is not November 30th yet either!)

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your Mum is doing better. Hopefully as she starts to feel better, she'll perk up. The holidays are coming -- and there's a new baby in the Life household to help celebrate! (And as for winter, "they" are saying that we're in for a hard one this year -- I hope "they" are wrong. ;-) )

  4. Much prettier view with the color! :) I like snow, but you got quite a bit of it last year! Hopefully the dr's delight rubbed off on your mom-what good news! Hope she continues to do well! :)

  5. I remember my grandma in her 80s when the sun came out - she would sit on the back steps and hike her dress above her knees and say "sun on my legs!" like it was the most amazing and unexpected gift. Perhaps it was ... there is some unpredictability in NZ weather too.