Friday, November 04, 2011

No picture but a day of contrasts


It occurred to me this morning that I'd vaguely thought I might do NoPoGoFlow or whatever it's called but had then forgotten about it. I know that starting now is a bit of a cheat. But I thought I would anyway. Only it's been a bit of a mixture of a day and it's too late to go into it in detail. But it started with a castle and a huge building site in the morning and featured a hospital for much of the afternoon and evening.

No one is dead.

So - apologies for a seriously rubbish post but I need a long, bubbly bath.

Back tomorrow.


  1. Do it! Do It! Do it! Jen and I need company and encouragement. I'm already faltering, missed yesterday, but have decided it will happen on the days it happens and it won't on the rest. I'll not be getting my knickers all knotted up over it!

    So glad to hear that nobody is dead.....

  2. Oh No! I hope everyone is ok. I don't like this one little bit....

  3. What is that thing about? The NoPo...I don't understand it. I keep seeing it. Is it life enhancing? If so I will join in. Although maybe it is time expired and I'm too late.

  4. Lost me there Isabelle - glad no-one's die and hope the hospital trip was temporary. We saw much too much of the hospital last month.

  5. I, too, do not like the way this post-or your day, rather-ended! Sending good thoughts and many hugs!! (Or grandson smiles? ;)) Please do try the November posting with Molly and I! :) Many smiles sent your way-hoping today is better!

  6. I think I am doing the NaBloPoMowhatsit too. It is just sort of happening, if you know what I mean! I think the 31 Day challenge has got me into the swing of things.
    I am also concerned re this post, but delighted no-one is dead. I hope the bubbles worked.

  7. I love mystery posts.... waiting for the other shoe to fall...