Tuesday, May 08, 2012


I so haven't mastered this new Bloggery thing. I never have any idea where the typing's going to appear. O woe. And why do I have to highlight and align it afterwards?
Why has it jumped down here? Why do people have to muck about with things?

Yesterday was an ok day: we saw delicious squashy giggly Grandson and took him for a walk in the Botanics. Even the Botanics by themselves are lovely, but he makes everything better. I almost wish he would never grow up: he beams and chortles his way through his days and I don't want life to dilute his pleasure in everything.

Today, however, was a bit frustrating. I messed up my tunes at my piano lesson again. It's so ridiculous: my teacher is so nice and is unlikely to hit me with a big stick if I get it wrong, so why am I nervous? Silly.

I'm spending five days "living below the line" https://www.livebelowtheline.com/uk. This means spending no more than £1 a day on food, and various people in our church are doing it, partly to raise money but partly also to make us think about what it's like to be a bit hungry and to consider how much money we usually spend on eating. It's not all that difficult (for five days), especially for a vegetarian like me, but my little treat of a cappuccino after my piano lesson was clearly not going to happen. While I was in town I went to buy chocolates for my mother, whose 90th birthday is tomorrow, and the shop assistant offered me a free sample chocolate. I think the word "free" suggests that it didn't make a dent in today's £1 so - yes, I ate it. And it was delicious! Maybe this wasn't quite in the spirit of the thing but... it would have been rude to refuse.


  1. Lovely garden! Grandson is growing quickly now, isn't he?

  2. Ooooh, little grandson is growing much too quickly. Make him stop! And you're too funny -- it definitely would have been rude to turn down the chocolate offer. Good for you for being so gracious. And Happy Happy Birthday to your Mum!!!

  3. Oh yes, never, ever, refuse chocolate.

    You are making me wish I had a grandson to squish.

  4. Hi little man. you are looking adorable!
    Can you tell us what you actually eat . Are you allowed to add stuff from the cupboard?

  5. Wow - what are you eating for £1 a day....I'm guessing lots of rice/pasta/potatoes....?!

    Grandson totally gorgeous as ever.

    Lesley xx

  6. You will reach a day when your piano teacher becomes part of the furniture. Really. It will happen. One day you'll walk in there and sit down and just fall into the music like you were practising in your own living room. It takes time, but it will come. Play on!

  7. I suspect that anyone who really has to live below the line would accept and enjoy a chocolate or anything else given freely, so why not?

    The grandson looks good enough to eat too.....