Saturday, May 12, 2012

Light and shade

Oh, what a joy this little chap is. He laughs like a Mr Man, with his top lip straight and his bottom lip U-shaped. You only have to make a silly face or balance a toy on your head and he rewards you with sparkling eyes and a lovely shrieky giggle.

Meanwhile a friend of Daughter 2 has just had a baby who seemed fine but was suddenly found to need a very serious emergency operation. Life is so rubbish sometimes. And so wonderful at others.
Easier to be a cat and just lie in the sun.

The other day I was queuing for a bus which was approaching. The woman two in front of me stepped forward to board it. A skinny lad directly in front of me didn't move. He was wearing a white hooded top, the hood on his head though it wasn't cold, and was plugged into music. "Excuse me," I said, not sure if he could hear me, "are you getting this bus?"

He half-turned and nodded. Then he pulled out his earpieces, gave me a cheery smile and said, "But - ladies first!" and waved me ahead.

Comical but rather sweet - even if it suggested that I was looking particularly ancient that day.


  1. Nice to know that manners aren't entirely dead!

  2. Wow -- I'm impressed by the young man -- very polite! I hope DD2's new little friend will be ok. Love that shot of your Mum and her adorable great grandson!

  3. Now how did you get from that that you were looking ancient? Rubbish, just a nice polite wee Scots lad! Prayers for the little one and hugs to the two special generations in your house!

  4. I love this smiling photo of Grandson! :) Delightful! :)

  5. There are benefits to being "older" then, aren't there? And how nice that manners are still in vogue!