Sunday, May 13, 2012

Nothing much has happened today

About half way through the afternoon, I noticed Cassie and Sirius sitting at a glass door, gazing out. There were a lot of little birds flying around and twittering.
I went to investigate. A baby bird was sitting on the door sill right in front of them. It didn't seem to have noticed our furry friends but the other birds certainly had. I shut the curtains for a few minutes - the cats were most indignant ("We were just looking," they said) - and when I opened them again, the baby bird had gone and all was quiet. Whew.

I decided to make omelettes for dinner and took a couple of slices of cooked chicken out of the freezer to put in Mr Life's omelette. It may have been a mistake to leave these to defrost inside a polythene bag on the kitchen table. Still, Cassie enjoyed the unexpected snack.

In other news - nothing much has happened today. Which in some ways is how I like it. I was making soup this evening while vaguely watching two chaps climb one of the Needles off the Isle of Wight - crumbly chalk pillars sticking a long way up out of the sea. They were demonstrating that those spikes that mountaineers insert into rock might fail to grip the chalk if they slipped. One said to the other, meditatively, "I think the best policy is not to fall."

Personally I would advocate admiring the Needles from the safety of the ground. But then I'm a bit feeble.


  1. No, you're not feeble....I'm with you on that. One of our cats gets her thrills by watching leaves falling to the ground outside our floor-length window, at least your cats were looking at a real bird!

  2. I think those cat boys need something serious to do. Put them to work! ( I'm not sure cats can really do that's useful though? )
    Your Mum is looking well and in the pink, her hair all nicely done. I hope her health continues to improve and that she had a lovely day. Daughter's long card is a beauty.

  3. Yes, I watched that Coast programme with demonstration of crumbling chalk and thought of several other ways to spend an afternoon at the sea-side!

  4. I like days where nothing happens - few and far between here! Yesterday I rescued a small bat from nextdoor's cat. Couldn't think why it was sitting glued to a spot just under the conservatory window and the bat was hanging under the cill. We put it safe on the first floor balcony inside a pot on its side till it got dark.

  5. I love those kitties! Glad the glass door was there, though...

  6. Feeble no, sensible yes! I love the way Cassius and Sirius do things together. Like twins. None of our cats have ever been that close to each other. The best we can hope for with Tiger and Topsy is that they tolerate each other. Barely.