Monday, March 18, 2013

Can spring be far behind?

The weather today was not only wettish but also raw. It wasn't frosty or windy or even particularly rainy at the point when we were walking round the Botanics but it was cold and damp enough to make us walk fast so as to prevent the chill penetrating into our vitals.

Snowdrops sat it bravely out.

Crocuses sensibly refused to open.

There were puddles.

I wore the boots I've just bought - I got them for gardening but thought I'd try them out in the rain. They were splendidly waterproof but the right boot kept eating my sock. I had to stop every five minutes and stop the sock's rapid progress down towards my toes. Why does that happen? In the end I removed the sock and trotted round with the bare foot inside the boot. Since the boot is fleecy inside, this was actually quite pleasant. I wonder if the problem is with the sock or the boot? I bet you can't wait to find out.

Sirius Cat seems much the same after three days of his diuretic. At first we tried, as advised by the vet, to disguise the ground-up tablet in a little tuna; but our furry friend didn't eat it all. So the new system, which has worked well so far, is to mix it with a tiny blob of Greek yogurt and allow him to lick this off my finger. If there's any left, I wipe it on his nose and he cleans it off. I just hope it does some good. Meanwhile he snoozes a lot but it's not really cat weather anyway so he would probably be taking it easy even if he were on top form.


  1. It's the sock. The kind that really strangle your ankles work fine, if you can bear them.....

  2. Anonymous5:12 pm

    Love the flowers photos - we need any help at all over here - snowed this morning, quite a lot, and now we are in for a blizzard warning - lots of wind and very cold. Sigh.

  3. My 14 year old cat was diagnosed with fluid on the lungs/heart failure a couple of weeks ago, and he had tablets for a week, to see if it changed anything. It didn't, but he is carrying on OK.....just breathing a bit more frequently than normal. He could have had X-ray and fluid drawn off etc, but I can't put him through all that while he is still a fairly happy cat...the vet said the fluid would probably come back anyway! I found that the pill wrapped in a little ball of softened cheddar went down very nicely. Hope Sirius gets on OK.

  4. i am hoping that your dear brother answers the sock/boot question because it happens to me, too - i find it very, very irritating when i am trying to make forward progress!

    i don't suppose that Sirius Cat would consider marshmallows? i used to hide Ebony's allergy pills in the fluff - but she was a DOG and seldom (if ever) actually CHEWED anything ... the trick with her was to make her think that i didn't WANT her to swallow what i had in my hand ... there are reasons why that little dog went to live with an eccentric old man...

  5. Sirius is just wiser than his humans. No smart cat would go walking where there was a chance his paws would get wet. They're more fastidious than we are....And no cat in his right mind---and I'm sure Sirius still has all his marbles---would be caught dead wearing socks, for the very (annoying) reason you mentioned. Love those brave flowers! Hope SC makes a full and speedy recovery.

  6. Oh I hate it when socks do that!
    And that idea of putting the tablet in yoghurt for Sirius to lick off your finger is excellent! Can't wait to give our two their next worm tablet and see if it works for us!