Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The idle life

Today we went to the Botanics with Daughter 1, Son-in-Law 1, his mum, our visiting niece and the grandchildren. Granddaughter's first visit there - but not her last, I'm sure.

In the afternoon Mr Life and I went to Falkland Palace with our niece. It's rather impressive but not exactly cosy and it has lots of lovely carved wood that I'm happy I don't have to dust. Bits of the Palace date from the 1300s though it's been much added to over the years. Various kings and queens of Scotland have stayed there from time to time.

We had a little wander round Falkland village afterwards.

There's not a lot to it but it's quite sweet. I imagine it's busier during the tourist season.

It's been such a cold spring in Britain. The flowers are hardly out and most of the trees are still bare.

This house had a date of 17-something over the door.

Someone has a sense of humour.

Mr Life showed niece the hill that he might have climbed on a school outing in the early 1960s, but it was cancelled. We decided not to try doing it today either.

Then we went to have dinner with Son and Daughter-in-Law at the Glover Arms (very nice).

Niece ordered a big pie.

And ate it. We were impressed.

Later, Son chose a pudding. We lead such an exciting life.

And now we're home again.


  1. Your jokey comment about leading an exciting life Isabelle...well it made me think about how glad I am when there is news such as 'cat up tree/old wheelbarrow found in road' or somesuch. You lead a love and family filled life....and how wonderful that is. When I read the 'cat up tree' news I don't think 'gosh how boring' I think how fantastic that this is the only news...no bombings or suicides or accidents or murders or death disease and destruction....I will take ordinary and pedestrian anyday. Which is a rather long winded way of saying you lead a blessed and wonderful life and you need not worry that there is no excitement in it... excitement is not necessarily a good thing!

  2. I do love your idle life. It makes me smile in the midst of my mad, mundane one!

  3. You live a very blessed life with your family - you don't need to make it sound as if you think your readers find it dull. We wouldn't be here if we did! I never tire of seeing the photos of those incredibly old (to an Australian) buildings that are still standing, and your thoughtful and sometimes funny comments under each one.

  4. I agree with libby.

    And you take the time to post all these lovely photos! It is so generous, and your family look so nice!