Friday, March 15, 2013


It's been quite a week. On Saturday, Granddaughter was born. On Monday, it snowed and as usual we had to dig the car out, since no gritters come near our little street. The snow had more or less gone by the evening and since then it's been reasonably mild.

On Wednesday we took Sirius Cat, aka Velvet Ted, to the vet and since then we've been very worried about him. The second lot of blood tests didn't show any infection, alas, and the vet is now referring to his lungs as having lesions, which don't sound good at all. He's not very good at explaining and we were too shocked to ask all the questions that we thought of afterwards. He gave us diuretics for Sirius so presumably this is to reduce the fluid in his lungs. Poor Sirius: he's such an amiable cat and he's not quite six, so we didn't expect him to get ill at this stage. Of course one should not allow oneself to get attached to little animals but it's impossible not to do so. He seems reasonably contented, which is a mercy, and purrs away as usual but is definitely not his usual bouncy self.

Yesterday we cheered ourselves up by going to an exhibition of watercolours and having coffee in the gallery restaurant.

Then today, Daughter 1, SIL1, his parents and the two little ones came for a meal. Granddaughter mainly slept. Grandson played and played and giggled and danced and then had a brief lie down.

It didn't last long.

How I love him. And her of course. And poor furry Ted.


  1. It's really very tiring being a big brother with all that has to be done. I am so sorry to hear about Sirius, sending a gentle stroke for him.

  2. Chin up Sirius. Get well soon. Isabelle and Cassie needs their furry pal back.

    Grandson is gorgeous as ever and Mini going to be just as sweet. She cant help it, surrounded as she is by such love. I've been watching Comic Relief tonight....aren't we blessed?

    Lesley xx

  3. Remember those days when you were pining for grandchildren? Seems like yesterday and here they are, both so sweet! Give Sirius a scratch behind the ears for me, and a friendly "Rowl!" from Casper....

  4. Little L looks a big contented baby!
    I hope Sirius is amiable enough to take his medicine.

    word verification is mewsiness 6

  5. Big brother will seem quite grown up soon.....and poor Sirius hopefully will very soon be back to normal. We can't help but get attached to our pets can we?

  6. Poor Sirius - we have a similar situation eith daughter's cat who is also only 5. Fingers crossed he'll improve.
    I'm sure grandson is finding all the excitement of a new sister a little tiring - she's seems so big for a week old! Thanks for the comment on my blog, now I can think of her by name.

  7. Oh Isabelle, I know you love your grandchildren to bits, but I see how much you also love your two sweet black kitties. I do hope Sirius recovers soon. It is surprising how much cats can purr when they aren't well; we've experienced that with ours. It is as if they are telling you in their own way 'thanks for looking after me'.

  8. Sorry to hear about Sirius, hope he responds to the medication, and oh yes we grow attached to them.
    Your granddaughter is a little beauty, I look forward to watching her grow as your grandson has.

  9. Hoping the meds help Sirius get back to his normal self! Love the pics, as usual, of the adorable grandchildren! I hope the snow is done now for both of us and gardening can begin soon! :) Hugs from here!

  10. Never apologize for loving a critter - they are people too. They don't have thumbs nor speak English, but nevertheless they express companionship, loyalty, and love better than most humans do. I unabashedly send love and get well wishes to dear Sirius. He is, after all, part of the family!

  11. Poor Sirius. One does become very attached to pets, even the smallest hamster tugs at the heartstrings when it becomes ill ...