Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mini's second day

Mini Granddaughter, one and a half days old, gradually unsquashing herself.

Mini and her mum and big brother. Sorry, Nanny and Gramps in Worcester - should have got her dad in on the photo too. I think he was hanging up washing! We're all looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Auntie Daughter 2 and Mini.

Uncle Son checks her out.

It was also Mother's Day - my first without my own Mum, which was sad.

 But still...

... definitely a day to count my blessings.


  1. Congratulations on the birth of your Granddaughter. Your Mother would have been so happy for you.
    What a wonderful gift she is.

  2. all that attention on her and it looks like she is sleeping blissfully unawares!

  3. Kitty, USA1:28 am

    Congratulations, she is beautiful and serene.
    In picture two, Mini and Grandson look very much alike.
    Mini may start sticking, if anything as a nickname 'Minnie'.
    Best wishes to the whole family.

  4. Oh Isabelle -- she's just gorgeous! How did small grandson take to the new baby? I hope you've had a wonderful Mother's Day. XOXO

  5. Look at her, sleeping so industriously! I like what Janet said. So true.

  6. Oh joy just caught up with your lovely news. Welcome to Mini miss. Congratulations to all.

  7. Happy congratulations to everyone! She is a beautiful new addition! Love brother's smile as he sits next to her. Adorable! :) Happy hugs! So sorry, though, that it is a sad bit of Mother's Day with your mom gone-hope you got enough happy hugs to help it!

  8. Oh yes, lots of blessings to be counted there.

  9. Oh she is so beautiful! Congratulations, Granny! And to Daughter and Son-in-law too, of course!

  10. Cute baby. Cute hat - did you knit it?
    Everyone looks very happy and rightly so.

  11. Many, many congratulations! She is beautiful, you are so lucky to have TWO gorgeous grandchildren.

    I LOVE the handknitted hat and blanket - could this be your work?

  12. Two grandchildren - what an amazing blessing! And such lovely little tots too....