Tuesday, March 05, 2013


Today we went for a walk with Grandson in Roseburn Park. In the background you can see the extremely unlovely Murrayfield Stadium.

It was sunny.

There were trees.

I know these aren't very interesting photos but Nanny and Gramps in Worcester, who like us are eagerly awaiting an interesting event, will like to see them.

I've said before how Grandson enjoys looking at baby pictures of himself on the computer. He says "Baby", marches firmly into the study and positions himself ready to be picked up and sat on my knee. The other day I also showed him some Google images of tractors - his new enthusiasm. (Why? Was he a farmer in a previous life? You don't see all that many tractors in Edinburgh.)

I had forgotten all about this but he hadn't. Today he led me into the study, stood expectantly beside my desk and said "Tactah". I found a video on YouTube entitled "A Year on Our Farm", which turned out to be 11 minutes 36 seconds of tractors trundling about. He sat totally entranced for the entire time, thumb blissfully in mouth, murmuring an occasional dreamy "Tac...tah..." in tones reminiscent of a man who has found his true love after many bitter years of searching.

Tractors appear to have usurped his interest in babies. Which may turn out to be a pity - but not today.


  1. Oh, Isabelle, you need to show Grandson this YouTube video of the Peterson brothers:


    Giant tractors and harvesters and Gangnam Style in Kansas. He'll love it.

  2. Just checking in to see if there was news. Oh well, maybe its happening NOW!

  3. I have to see a lovely sports stadium......small boys like anything to do with motors, I found, having had two of them!

  4. you just wait til he starts on " why is it a tractor? " He is so cute.

  5. Perhaps you need to start educating yourself here. One very young boy in my family, when a 'JCB' was pointed out to him by his mother, came out with this - in a scathing voice. "That's not a JCB Mum, that's a Drot!"

  6. So much for some of us perhaps wishing to subvert gender stereotypes. Rueful, but joking, of course - much more important is his joyful enthusiasm, and having a dad who is obviously sensitive and caring, and a lovely grandad too, will do more to subvert...

  7. Hee hee hee!!! Isn't that the cutest thing? I love seeing little kids totally absorbed in watching something new. They are cute photos too - the green outfit he is wearing is just darling.

  8. Yes it is a funny thing about small boys and tractors, maybe it's the size of the wheels that makes them so appealing, or the noise... When I was small I had a thing about red London buses; one of the high points of my life, to date I think I can say, was when I got to win one in a raffle at a garden fĂȘte when I was about five, I think. I was allowed to choose from a number of toys, and can remember the delicious shape and colour of it in front of me, and my mother's rather proud 'She walked past all the dolls and everything, put her hand straight on it!' I think she just liked me being a bit original.

    Perhaps if volume 2 were to wear a baby-gro with a tractor motif on it it might endear her further to her brother...

  9. Kids have infinite attention spans, when they are interested. Tractors, huh? Well, they are an amazing invention.

  10. Also checking in for news. I hope all is well.

    My elder son was also fascinated by tractors when he was a toddler and learning to talk. The word was Dador in our house!

    Lovely photos of your walk in the park.