Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fresh air and exercise

Lots of fresh air today. We walked home from my piano lesson in glorious sunshine - look at that sky.

Various ducks swam and waddled in and beside the Water of Leith. Some of them were a bit quarrelsome, I regret to say. (The chaps.)

Mind you, I'd be grumpy myself if I had to swim around in this water the whole time. It's pretty but I'm sure it's also rather cold.

Then in the afternoon (by which time the sun had gone behind a cloud - lots of clouds) Grandson and I went for a wander in Dr Neil's Garden by Duddingston Loch.

"The birds are cheeping," he remarked. They certainly were.

A little bit of idleness is so restful and he is such splendid company.


  1. Love the pose in the last pic!

  2. What a lovely walk for both of you and such a blue sky! I can imagine the cold.

  3. He lookss very contemplative in that last shot.