Tuesday, March 04, 2014

The springing of the year

It's definitely becoming more springlike around here, as you can see from my little vaseful of flowers from the garden.

Son came down for the day yesterday and we walked along by the sea at Cramond.

It was sunny, if not hot. I'm so glad to live on the coast and also near hills. Both are essential for getting perspective on things - though of course even they don't always work.

The grandchildren and their parents came round later and the little ones enjoyed meeting their uncle again. We went out to the garden with Grandson, leaving Granddaughter inside (with her grandpa), and she wasn't having any of that.

(Grandson was ill over Saturday night - the sort of illness that requires two changes of pyjamas and bedding. On Sunday, I phoned to enquire how things were.

"Oh, fraught," said Son-in-Law 1, sounding - well, fraught.

"Oh dear," I said. "Has he been sick again?"

"No, he's fine," said SIL 1. "It's just that there are only two of us and there are millions of them."

Millions = one child of 2 years 8 months who is full of ideas - not all of them convenient - and one child of nearly 1 who crawls very fast, is highly enthusiastic and has no sense of danger at all.

I remember it well.)


  1. Just look at how green your grass is! We still have snow and ice over here, but spring can't be too far off (she said hopefully...)

  2. I love seeing your flowers! And hope your grandchildren are well soon, and am wishing your daughter and her husband great stamina and the ability to sleep soundly. Well, I remember, too.....But these strenuous days are really wonderful, at least in retrospect/

  3. So do I......some memories never fade, do they?

  4. I too remember it well! I hope Grandson is much better now.

    A lovely seaside walk. More wild skies.

  5. Haha -- SIL and DD1 are in the fun years. And the years with no extra time for themselves. Ahhh, what I wouldn't get to have them back ....

  6. My husband was in the army when our daughter was young and when he came home at night I felt like I'd been rescued by the military.
    Thanks for your message about my daughter, she had another night without heat and is home today waiting for the repairman.

  7. Ah! I remember the fast-crawling, enthusiastic phase. Glad its well and truly over. But how cute!

  8. Oh, How I envy your spring! Over here we have had the worst winter in memory... and I am no longer young. I bought packets of cool-weather seeds this week, but there is still several inches of snow all over my garden. Between our winter and your blog, I am seriously considering moving to Scotland! What a lovely place for a walk. Truly beautiful!