Saturday, March 01, 2014

Thank you

We seem to have a lot of pictures like this: Sirius just cuddling in comfortably. He was an instant purrer - one touch and the rumbling began. Cassie is also keen on sitting on people - but on her terms. She likes to keep her dignity. Sirius would happily submit to being picked up, turned upside down and generally used as a teddy bear. And he had beautifully thick fur - not particularly long but very dense. Hence his nickname of Velvet Ted.

Thank you so much for your kind sympathy. One must, of course, try to get perspective. He wasn't a child. He was just a cat. But he was such an accommodating animal. You wouldn't always trust Cassie's claws as near your face as Sirius's were to Daughter 2's face in this photo.

It's a relief to know that he's not suffering any more. But we do miss him and mourn the shortness of his life: he had less than five years of good health. Cassie - it's hard to tell, but she hasn't gone outside much since he disappeared from her life. It's almost as if she were waiting for him to come back. But that's maybe us being fanciful; though it's easy to believe that at any moment we'll hear a jingle of his bell in the hall and he'll pad into the room, his old healthy self, and settle himself down. If only this could happen.

Meanwhile life goes on. Grandson and I were in the car at traffic lights the other day. He looked at a large clock at the junction. It had Roman numerals. "That clock's got funny numbers," he remarked. "They're all elevens."


  1. I had not seen the sad news until now. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. No, he was not a child, but as loving pets they have a big piece of our hearts. I understand how you must be feeling, just having gone through this myself, and I send you many hugs and sympathies.

  2. Your grandchildren are such a delight. Thank you for sharing their cuteness.

  3. Richard Blake-Reed10:24 pm

    I remember the loss of my gran's cat many years ago with great sadness even today (and my gran herself died in 1995). When on a lonely job hunt in the 1980s I would return from a huge day of travelling to opening gran's front door at midnight to see a dark shape padding along the hallway and entwining my weary legs. I'd break my usual pattern on those nights and let her sleep at the foot of the bed and invariably wake with her watching my face, waiting for me to come back to her in turn.

    I found work and moved to the south of England where one day gran sent me a small card. It showed an arched window that looked onto a summer garden garlanded with flowers, and at the window sat a black cat, looking away.

  4. For his age that little N is a very observant, smart wee boy!
    I do love hearing his words of wisdom.

  5. Only just caught up with your sad news. My old cat ( 14) is on "borrowed time" since he was diagnosed with a heart murmur and fluid on the lungs some 6 months ago. I chose not to have invasive procedures done to him, and he seems quite happy, eats well, though very very thin. His mother ( 9 months older than him) died last week Sirius sounds like a delight, and I am sure you will miss him dreadfully.

  6. Wouldn't it be fun if our clocks really were full of 11's? Then we could have elevenses all day long!

    Isn't it odd to wonder what Cassie must be thinking? Where did her dear friend go? If only we could explain it to them. On the other hand, maybe they know much more than we think they do.