Saturday, March 29, 2014


Why I like reading diaries and letters and biographies and autobiographies and memoirs - and of course blogs - is that I'm so interested in other people's lives. Nosey, you could say. Curious, I'd probably prefer. And you probably are too, or you wouldn't be reading this (unless you're Son-in-Law 1's relations, in which case you're hoping for pictures of the little ones). So while it's nice to see pictures of the daffodils in the Botanic Gardens, where we went yesterday with friends -

- and this blossom is very pretty too -

- I also took a picture of a bride arriving at her wedding and the piper playing as she got out of the car. It's a bit weird, I suppose, to think that she's featuring on the blog of a complete stranger; but unless you knew who she was (which I don't and I assume you don't) you'll never recognise her again. The sort of semi-permanent tent on the left of the photo was very full of guests and as we passed we could see the groom standing waiting inside for her to arrive and come up the non-aisle. So we looked for a few moments and I wondered who they were and how they'd met and whether the marriage would be a success. It's quite expensive to get married at the Botanics so they've started with the advantage of being reasonably well-off - unless of course they've spent too much on the wedding and that car and the flowers she was carrying and are starting in debt. We'll never know; but I hope it all goes well.

After walking round, we went to have coffee. What do you think of these people, then? The couple on the left look as if they've been married for a long time, don't you think? They were sitting looking out at the tables and benches and (though you can't see it in my photo) the interesting Edinburgh skyline. They were sensibly dressed for the rather chilly day and didn't appear to be making much attempt to impress one another. The other couple, though - she's leaning forward very attentively and he's showing her something on a piece of paper. An assignation? A business meeting? They're not young but they're both good-looking for their ages.

Actually, I know the woman slightly and we had a brief chat as she and her companion were leaving. She said that he was a friend and they were discussing a joint project. Which isn't quite as interesting as I was imagining... .

If anyone had been watching the four of us, what would they have thought? They'd probably have assumed (correctly) that we were two married couples. Would they have known which woman was married to which man? They wouldn't have known that B and I met on the first day of primary school, when we were five. Do B's husband and I look like the retired teachers that we are? I've no idea.

However, for the family in Worcester, here's Granddaughter escaping...

... and then playing peekaboo. Her story is very simple. So far.


  1. Now how did I miss those last two posts? Anyway.....good grief, Granddaughter is mobile! Nothing will be safe now, she seems a curious little person. Your spring flowers are very gorgeous. We love people watching, our favourite coffee shop in the main street has tables in the front windows - a great spot to watch the passing parade.

  2. I love people watching too - and I have cultivated being invisible, so that I can just sit and stare ... my invisibiity is increasing with age, which is good. The woman does look quite enthusiastic about the man, but if it was the project she was enthusiastic about, that would fit too.

  3. This post made me smile. I am always looking at strangers and wondering about their stories. It will be a sad day when we stop being fascinated/ nosy/ curious about other lives!

    I wonder about links with the reading of novels over a lifetime. A development of empathy and curiosity through involvement in imaginary lives?

    Little Granddaughter has a lovely shiny floor to shuffle herself along!

  4. I often wonder about people and who they are with. Doesn't matter if our made up stories are wrong - most of the time we'll never know¬!

  5. I confess, I have my own fair share of curiosity and like to make up stories about strangers observed from a distance! Your granddaughter is so darling. I am sure she already has a lot of curiosity about the world and its inhabitants.

  6. You are too funny! You have such interesting places to visit and fantasize about lives and loves. It's such a fun activity -- I think that's why I love airports so much!

  7. Sometimes it is probably better that the onlooker doesn't know what the reality is...but as you've all said, it is a fascinating pastime.
    I follow a forum where the members post questions and challenges. One lady asked us all to confess something. I wrote "I'm not into confessions. We have to have some secrets!" and I've been pestered ever since to divulge my secrets.