Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring and stuff

The garden is burgeoning. I love picking little bunches of spring to put in a vase. I do have a tendency to place this vase right in front of little controlly bit at the side of the tv so that Mr Life's remote controller doesn't work. No one's perfect.

Hyacinths! So lovely. I buy bulbs every year and plant them out afterwards so the garden is full of them.

Cassie Cat takes advantage of the sunshine.

We took Grandson to Glasgow (through in the west...) yesterday on the train. He liked this a lot.

He was intrigued by the tunnels. We saw lots of sheep, a few cows, many traffic lights, quite a few rivers and motorways and several tractors. He found this all very satisfactory. Another little boy's granny gave him a small box of raisins. "That lady has presents for me," he said approvingly.

We then went to the Kelvingrove Museum. I'm not sure that he drank in the culture but he liked walking round and round the corridors and up and down the stairs.

There's plenty of time for culture.


  1. Lovely little touches of spring! I'm with Grandson, I like train trips too.

  2. How wonderfully Alice-in-Wonderland-ish that last photo is. Was N's milk labelled "Drink Me"?

  3. That sounds a lovely day out. I think Grandson is getting a lot of culture through his wonderful experiences with you!

    Lovely to see your Cassie cat sunbathing. I hope she`s adapting to life as a singleton?

  4. Love seeing the flowers! We don't have any blooming yet. Your grands are so darn cute. I've enjoyed watching them spend time with you.

  5. Lovely Spring flowers. Does the TV keep reverting to the garden channel?

    I too like train travel for the same reasons as Little N...but I like to see gardens ( back garden often ) and churches and rolling green hills as well.
    Did Little N jump from black to black to black or white to white to white squares? Or some other pattern. Who says the floors aren't part of the display?

  6. How dim am I? I've never thought to plant out my hyacinth bulbs but I will do now!

    Grandson scrummy as ever and I'm jealous of your trip to the Kelvingrove. We were only talking about Dali's Christ last night in the pub quiz and now you've been.

    Keep up the pretty pics and culture. L xx

  7. Lovely spring bouquet. Re previous post, have you been to the Sir John Soane's Museum? It is a bit " weird" but fascinating all the same…the house left as it was at his death.

  8. Yes, we have, the last time we visited Daughter 2. As you say, weird but interesting. I'm glad my husband doesn't collect things like that!

  9. Lovely Spring! Someday it will return to Ohio! I've been in Edinburgh twice, but never in Glasgow. I'll put it on a little list....

  10. How exciting the train trip must've been for small grandson. He's such a lucky boy that you are treating him to such fun little trips!

  11. I'm glad Cassie is sunning herself, andhope seh is getting by without her boy. Train rides were always the best part of any expedition we took with our boys! And your spring flowers are so pretty!