Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The world is so full of a number of things

Another afternoon at the Botanics with Grandson. We admired the spring bulbs.

He bounced on a branch. (I'm not sure that this is strictly encouraged by the authorities but I'll stop him once he gets heavier.)

The rhododendrons were lovely. I showed him how you can put a fallen blossom on your finger as a hat. He laughed.

The sun shone on him and his dolly.

He looked at the waterfall and made his favourite joke: "Waterfall. Ouch!" His trousers are actually red, not pink as they look here.

He stepped very carefully round the crocuses, one foot on either side of a clump. "These are crocuses," he told me. Then he circumnavigated a patch of daisies equally carefully. "These are daisies." I'm getting him indoctrinated into gardening - I hope.

He pushed his buggy up a hill, stopping every now and then to see if it would roll back when he let it go. Sometimes it did: gravity. Sometimes, on a rough piece of path, it didn't: friction.

And so he learns about the world.


  1. Training the naturalists of tomorrow.......!

    That looks a lovely place to walk in the spring.

  2. It seems you both had an entertaining and educational day out. Here we have another foot of snow falling, so your flowers are pleasant to see!

  3. Lovely post... sweet and innocent. There's not much of this around these days, hence the popularity of your blog, Isabelle :-)

  4. What a sweet post! Imagine the joy that he'll have reading this someday when he's all grown up. I LOVE that he takes his dolly on a stroll -- not only are you indoctrinating a gardener, but also, a good father, it would seem!

  5. What a lovely day out!

  6. oh, I have rhodo envy ... you can grow them like that where I grew up in NZ but here? no chance, not enough rain. I would put up with a few rainy days for a more exciting variety of shrubs :)

  7. Anonymous1:21 pm

    I found a snow drop in out yard! We are far behind you, and still have snow, but there is hope. Amy

  8. I like that the crocuses are just growing in the grass and not in a formal bed. Very pretty.

  9. He has a good tutor.

    Isn't he getting tall?