Friday, March 11, 2011

Born and bread

I know obesity isn't funny - I'm not thin myself, and wish I were - but I thought I'd share with you the odd crumb (ho, ho) from my marking - specifically from an essay about poor eating habits:

These people have done it to themselves through self-loafing.

They use food to fill the cracks in their brains.

That second sentence is a bit disturbing... though in fact quite apt. Maybe he was thinking of the cracks in one's heart.... no, I think that's worse. Shudder.


  1. How marking must make you smile (and shudder) some you ever wonder what becomes of your pupils in later life??

  2. 'Self-loafing' is truly superb. As a lamentable self-loafer myself, I'm still feeling the ripples of the image.

  3. I am self-loafing as I type. For I am talented as well as greedy!

  4. Lol! Well I had grilled home made bread with home made jam for breakfast and it was very good indeed. Does that make me a self-toaster?

  5. Well, brains do have a lot of crevaces in the surface...

    I have a picture of someone beating themselves in the head with a loaf of bread muttering "stupid, stupid, stupid".

    Here's a shudder-worthy tidbit for you: I consulted with a personal trainer at my gym on Thursday, and she did not know the meaning of the word "sedentary". She seemed to think it meant something to do with grazing.

  6. Wonderful, can't quite decide which I like better, probably 'self-loafing'.

    How can you bear to think about retiring when work offers such gems?

  7. This post is so full of puns it almost runs against the grain to add to it.