Thursday, March 10, 2011


I left work early today to go home and tackle the marking mountain. First, I popped into the supermarket to buy Dreamies, the cats’ rather expensive little treats. I’d been to the other supermarket yesterday and there were none. Shock! Horror! I don’t know what’s in Dreamies but the cats adore them.

I also needed fruit.

However, since the alternative was to go home and do my marking, I had a little wander round the supermarket after buying the fruit and the Dreamies. It was earlier than usual so I felt relaxed, which I wouldn’t be once I’d started the marking.

So by the time I left the supermarket, I’d bought:

1) A plastic mini-greenhouse – only £20! What a bargain, and I’ll really use it if the weather ever improves (it’s very cold and windy today and the mini-greenhouse would blow away).

2) Two lamps – because one of the dining room lamps has gone phut and I don’t want two non-matching ones, do I?

3) Bubble bath – because a bubbly bath is essential at the end of a long day.

4) A plastic colander to replace the one I melted the other week. (The saucepan that I melted it into wasn’t improved, either.)

5) A packet of mung beans, for sprouting. Protein, you know.

6) A set of three ducks for the bath. I hope that the expected grandson will like them. Or is this hopelessly old-fashioned? Will he want a waterproof computer game?

7) Letter trays and a magazine holder for my desk, which is constantly trying to become chaotic.

8) Loo rolls, for obvious reasons

9) Two bunches of daffodils because it's spring (brr!) and they were half price

10) Fruit

11) Dreamies

Total cost: £61.42.

I told you that Dreamies were expensive.

And I clearly had to share all this with you before starting my marking. But I'm off to begin it now... though I might have to make some soup first. It really is very cold here.


  1. My lot love Dreamies too, much more than the lookalike ones (I forget their brand). I hadn't thought of blaming them for the outrageously high total at the till though....

  2. Are Dreamies those things in the TV advert where cats fly through walls? I wonder what they have put in them!
    I find that a bottle of milk is also very expensive nowadays. I go in for a pint of milk and come out having spent £50. Time to avoid all shops perhaps.

  3. all the babies in my life (and there are MANY) love rubber ducks, so i think that you are NOT hopelessly old-fashioned until said boy is five or six, and then he WILL want a waterproof computer game - if you can get him in the tub at all ... and your total cost reminds me that i need to write down the total for last night's trip to the grocery store for a half gallon of milk - $95.23 (there MAY have been some bakery items, a shamrock plant, some corned beef and its required companions, a few toaster strudels, and a bit of Dayquil for the resident sinus sufferer that found the way into the basket)

  4. Dreamies = crack cocaine for cats. Bellus thanks you very much for telling me about them.

  5. Going into a supermarket for just a couple of items is fatal. A Radio Times and milk cost me £40 the other day because dishwasher tablets, loo rolls etc were on offer and then fish was reduced - didn't buy the minigreenhouse but I did note it for future purchase...

  6. all little ones like rubber duckies!

  7. displacement activity is a wonderful thing!

  8. Sheppitsgal12:57 pm

    Dreamies were overtaken in our house, by Webbox Meaty Sticks.

    It seems that THEY are now being taken over by Webbox Lick-e-lix, which is a tube liquidy stuff and looks like something from the litter tray on an ill day, but my cat just laps it up! Don't know about price, cos they're on introductory offer at the moment, but I spent £25! (That'll be the choccies for me though) x

  9. Some of the things on your list do seriously look like avoiding-marking items. Tut tut.

  10. Why is it that when you go on an innocent shopping trip you end up spending a lot of money, yet when you go prepared to spend money, you can't find what you want? You're so funny. Should I ever be blessed with little grandbabies, there WILL be rubber duckies!