Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Easter is coming...

As I've said many times before, we love our cats dearly but they do make it rather hard to get away on holiday, since we're softies and couldn't enjoy ourselves if we thought they were pining in a cattery. This Easter holiday I had hopes of bribing a friend's son to catsit, but alas, before I got my request in, he had been nobbled to beaglesit for three weeks over the one-week period that we wanted him.

We do have kind friends and neighbours who would pop in and feed them if necessary but I'd rather have live-in sitters.

So - this has worked before so I thought I'd ask again, on the off-chance - would any of my bloggy friends or their friends or family be interested in a free week's holiday in Edinburgh? The only duties would be to dish the meaty chunks out to our furry friends from time to time and, ideally, to shut them in at night and let them out in the morning. They have a (close-able) cat flap.

We would like to go mid-week to mid-week (I realise this might be tricky) because our destination is my non-confused aunt's house in Norfolk and our beloved Daughter 2 would be able to pop down from London for the weekend. The dates we're thinking of are Wednesday 13 - Wednesday 20 April, though as long as we're there over the weekend Friday 15 - Monday 18, this could vary.

Anyway - I know it's not very likely but I thought I'd ask. Our house is in a quiet cul-de-sac, with parking in our driveway, about two minutes from buses into town. It takes the bus about 10 minutes in the non-rush hour to get to the centre. Or you can walk - it's about two and a half miles. There are various beds and chairs and so on.

The weather might be nice at Easter. Or it might not...


  1. You're so funny -- "there are various beds and chairs". Yes, I'd like to vouch for the various beds and chairs and lovely home in case anyone is interested. Don't forget that the catlets like prawns. And a little knitting on the side, although that's not mandatory!

    Good Luck -- it's killing me that I can't put in an encore performance. I did check out the airfare -- we need to find someone with an airplane!

    (Oh, and "out in the boonies" meansway out in the country!)

  2. oh if only i could get off work...

  3. Isabelle you don't know me at all as I only posted to you yesterday for the first time, but I share all the attributes on your profile except husband and children. I think I'm 20 years older too. I would so love to catsit for you at Easter as I want to come to the UK for a short time and especially to Edinburgh as I want to do some reading in the NLS. I am sure you'll have a lot of other offers, but if you still need a person I am very keen. Let me know! will my email address come to you with this comment? I'm new to blogging.

  4. I would have jumped at the chance to see the gorgeous Cassie and Sirius again but unfortunately that is the same week that we have a holiday booked!

  5. Oh, I wish we could, Isabelle - perhaps our time will come one day. I'm sure there will be people who jump at the chance.

  6. If I didn't have four little furry eating machines of my own, I would have been very tempted! Sounds like you've got the perfect offer already though. :)

  7. What an intriguing offer. My wife and I would like to get across the pond some day but Dublin and London would be our primary destinations though a visit to Scotland surely wouldn't be out of the question. I'm assuming there are things tourists can do in Edinburg there. Of course, my wife doesn't like cats so that could be an issue.

  8. I so wish we could... we both love cats, we both love Scotland, however my vacation isn't until May. I'm sure you will find someone! Hugs to the kitties!

  9. Wish we could...but work etc., good luck with getting a sitter.

  10. I too can vouch for the loveliness of your home and garden, and believe me the idea of living on my own and leaving the boys to their own devices for a week is seriously tempting! (Bellus would miss me, though)

  11. Hello Gossypia,

    No, I don't have your email address. But could you leave a comment on Thimbleanna's - which for some mysterious reason you don't get to simply by clicking on her name at the top of the comments. You'll find it on

    If you do that, then she'll get your email address - her blog is different from mine.

    She cat sat for us before and has my email address - I've asked her to send you it.

    All very cloak and dagger! Either that or just leave it in my comments - but the above would be more secure, if you're worried about this.