Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Big Bang - gone!

Here's the young man today in his new jacket. I do hope that he retains his sunny outlook. It's so wonderful to come into the room and be greeted by a big smile.
Disaster! Mr Life and I have come to the end of our little festival of "The Big Bang Theory" viewing. We've watched series 1-4 on DVD and the five episodes of series 5 that have been broadcast here so far. I'm bereft. Daughter 2 has lent us her box set of "Desperate Housewives" so we're trying that - two episodes watched so far. It seems a bit complicated but we'll persevere.
It's the first time in my life that I've been able to watch something on tv every night. It's a strange feeling. I keep feeling that I must have marking to do. However, I do have piano practice - three new tunes! - goodness! - so I must go and make a start.


  1. Oh Dear. IMHO, DH can't hold a candle to BBT. I watched the first several seasons of DH but then fizzled out. It seems like BBT just gets funnier and funnier.

    And funny -- you're entertaining your self by watching US series, while I'm watching UK series!

  2. If DH doesn't suit, may I suggest Modern Family or Arrested Development? Both very American, but very very funny!

  3. Anonymous6:43 pm

    Really like your blog and of course pics of grandson and cats.

    If you haven't already watched live, try Doc Martin - wonderful show - I believe 4 seasons so far.

    Second vote for Modern Family. No vote for DH.

    Regards, K, USA

  4. You might like the American series Castle. It's very funny (for being a murder mystery series), but there has also been excellent character development over the seasons.

    I watched the first season of Desperate Housewives and then gave up.

    One of my favorite series is The Gilmore Girls. It's about a very young single mother and her brilliant teenage daughter living in a small, quirky town in Connecticut.

    Since you like the BBT, you might like the American oldie Friends, if you haven't seen it yet (I'm sure you have, but you never know...)

    And I will second the recommendation for Arrested Development. It took me a few episodes to warm up to it, but then I was hooked!