Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chopped finger (mine!)

We hadn't seen Grandson since Thursday - far too long - so he and Daughter 1 came round today. He played with his heritage rattles.
He smiled.
I love the way that he can look so serious and busy, examining each one thoroughly to remind himself of its particular properties. He's like a little scientist at his workbench.
Daughter 1, Brother, Mr Life and I took him for a walk. Brother ("Goodness, am I going to appear on your blog?") is interested in transport, so we went to look at the progress being made on Edinburgh's infamous new tram system.
Grandson wore his most colourful hat.
This looks as if it's going to be a station or platform or whatever trams have. I can't really imagine who's going to alight here on their way from the airport, but we shall see.
Then we walked along by the golf course.
Yesterday I tried multitasking by chopping onions with a sharp knife while watching television. This was not wholly successful. It gave me a good reason for not playing my tunes very well at my piano lesson. I wonder if I can use the same excuse for my ineptitude at Zumba tomorrow?


  1. For long moments while your blog loaded I had to read "Chopped finger" above a photo of the infant ........ then I was able to read on and discover that his fingers are fine - it was only yours that you chopped!! You obviously have multi-tasking issues!

  2. I've edited the title!

  3. I see your chopped finger hasn't stopped you from typing.
    Thank goodness for that!

  4. Definitely. You can't zumba properly with a hurt finger.

  5. Lizzie10:41 am

    Chopin finger, perhaps?

    And why is the tram "infamous"?

  6. I loved Lizzie's "Chopin finger"-ha! :)
    I hope all is well-I am assuming so since you typed. I also hope your brother's visit went well! Your grandson photos are always cute! :) And, not to leave your other family members out-they are nice to see, also. :)

  7. No...you must drop the knife on your foot to get out of zumba! (Well, I suppose you could make the case that all that jumping around would start the bleeding again.) Is this tram station close to your house? You didn't walk all the way in to town did you? I hope you've had a good visit with Brother -- the walk looks wonderful!

  8. Every time my husband sees me with a knife in my hand he gasps in fear of what I might do to myself.