Monday, March 26, 2012

The cat sat in the flowerbed

Today was rather dull. I did have coffee with friends, but otherwise I swept up leaves and assorted dusty stuff from the side of the house, cleaned the garden furniture, hung out washing in the beautiful sunshine and suchlike mundane tasks. Which wasn't exciting but was useful, I suppose. And it was better than marking.
Oh, and I missed my children and worried about Daughter 2 working far too hard, far too long hours (ie till ten at night or later) in her London office.
Not happy. But then, we're not promised happiness.


  1. Hey Isabelle. I'm sorry you're not full of the joys at the moment. I'm sure that will change soon.

    Your post made me giggle a bit though because the dull and mundane day you descibed sounded to me like heaven. I am desperate to have a day when I can do exactly that stuff!

    Rich and I were talking last night about when we're going to get round to the garden and we're struggling to find a couple of hours one evening in the next week!!

    Why don't you plan a weekend down in London to see Daughter 2? It might be a change of scene and reassure you that she doesn't just work?! I also worry about a couple of my friends for the same reason as I just can't imagine working that hard any more but they do kickback too.

    Chin up chuck

    Lesley xx

  2. Desiree6:26 pm

    Cuddle the cats, play a piece on the piano you know really well and keep smiling, it will pass. ( you could also loose yourself in whiskey, but then you're left with a sore head).

  3. I think the word "mundane" hits the nail on the head. We spend so many years working at full pelt, fitting in the mundane jobs around the edges of our lives. When the mundane jobs are the highlights of the day, it does make you wonder....!

    It seems to take a year or two to get this retirement business sorted out. I`m gradually finding things I want to do ( I have recently joined a good art group locally) but there is still a way to go.....

    Hope your spirits soon lift. Maybe Lesley`s idea of a few days in London would do the trick? x

  4. Alas, we can't go to London because of my mother.

  5. Ah yes....I have "been there"' too. Not just London but in the Sandwich Generation , between elderly parents and growing-up children. Like all things, "These things pass" .....